Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We are all a part of it...

This beautiful song and lyric that was on

Kind Over Matter


and inspired this journal page :

And this beautiful rock found on the beach at Hampton on this fine

summer-like spring day

inspired these nice photos of its finder...


one of her treasures,

a silver hand found in Mexico.

Heart in hand...

I know


I am





Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Ones.


Sueann said...

Thank you Kim!!! I too feel that I am part of something beautiful!! Makes each day a treasure waiting to be discovered.

beth said...

oh how i love me some alexi and that heart rock was just sitting there waiting for your love....

Elizabeth Halt said...

A heart rock! What a wonderful thing to find!! The rock and its finder are just lovely.

Anonymous said...

Great heart rock and fun pics of the queen! Glad you had fun at the beach!

Terry-smallbluebird said...

Lovely rock and thanks for this post...feeling a little low today and struggling with creativity so I really needed this.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

It's easy to overlook this concept sometimes. But serendipity dropped those little nuggets in your lap and they all came together today. Congratulations on feeling a part of the whole.

Kate Robertson said...

We are all part of something beautiful.. Love the page you did.

Karin Bartimole said...

yes you are! That rock really is beautiful, as is your inspired journal page. wishing you a lovely night. xox

Linda Vincent said...

What a great post Kim; your journal page is very special and the photos are so lovely.
Definitely a pebble to treasure ♥

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing sweet Kim,

Mary said...

wonderful journal page!
I love seeing photos of you. :)

I was interested in purchasing a bag of your rocks. I was wondering if you had any that were heart shaped??

rachel awes said...

your journal page
& your face.
all beautiful.
humming together.
just lovely. x

Bethany said...

Oh gosh Kim, I just ADORE this page. Like want to frame it!
Happy happy wonderful.
Love your rock too.