Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I love Sarah Wyman.

Her art just goes in deep for me, you know.

Her women, quirky, Picasso-esque somehow, and often melancholy,

touch me…

feel like parts of me…

feel like they are aware of the bittersweet-ness of this precious life.


Yesterday, I needed to lose myself in my journal.

Not make art for anyone else, or for any projects I have going,

not even paint rocks with inspiring and hopeful words on them.


I needed to float in the colors, in the paint, paper and thoughts

all revolving around creating.

This piece came to be after about 2 hours or so.

It’s called “Afloat” and is so obviously inspired by Sarah’s work.


It is also inspired by my own awareness of the bittersweet-ness of this precious life.

I am so grateful to have my art to escape to when the bitter overtakes the sweet.

It brings me back to center somehow…


Prayers, Light and Love to tender, wounded hearts today.

Sweet Tuesday, Beautiful Ones !


Olivia said...

I just love this, My Queen. I have never seen Sarah Wyman's work but am about to go there. I wanted to just enjoy what you did. I love the newsprint/print and the translucent/watercolor on top, the drops of color and the circly labarynthy designs on top. I like the expression on her face too. It helps me to know that it took two hours and wasn't dashed off in a few minutes. I am sometimes impatient with my own art--a piece like this takes work! Thank you for sharing it, xoO

beth said...

thank god we have our "escapes"
if we didn't, i don't think my hubby could stand me :)

stargardener said...

"I am so grateful to have my art to escape to when the bitter overtakes the sweet." <= I felt the same yesterday. And retreated into the escape of art and being outdoors.

I am drawn to the softness of this visual, both in technique and imagery. And the swirls which always remind me to circle inward and outward, as needed.

Marit said...

This journal piece really speaks to me, the feeling is so strong! And you're so right: paint end brushes, paper and ink give comfort, insight, new thoughts, happiness... Where would we be without art?! I admire you for being you, dear one!

jgr said...

She is beautiful Kim! And yes-it is such a blessing to have an art escape!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Wyman does have very soulful women, but so do you! I know all your heart goes into that journal and it shows right there on every page. I like he symbols on her right cheek and side like a secret language all it's own and of course the dos fishes, ha ha...two little fishies.
xox Corrine

Unknown said...

This. Is. Breathtaking!

She speaks to me so very loudly in her still way.

I can't tell you how beautiful I think this is. WOW!

rebecca said...

lovely in deep and satisfying ways.
right beside you.
thank you for blessing so many just by being you.


Sherry said...

One of the things I love most about your art is that you are inspired by others and bring your own creativity to the table. There is no question that this is YOUR work but you can see the influence of Sarah's inspiration.

I'm getting such feeling from this work and it's affecting me -- not in a bad way, in a good way because of how I am feeling today. I am so very much responding to it and I thank you for sharing your heart.

Kate Robertson said...

Lovely piece of art Kim. I like the image of floating in a boat and will try an remember that when I feel out of sorts.. I may have to use that image and idea sometime in the future.. I may have to put myself in my kayak with oars to travel where I must.

Have a sweet day.


artbrat said...

I wish I had been smart enough to immerse myself in my journal yesterday. I think it would have helped me work through the saddness of the day. Good for you for knowing enough to use your art in a self-enriching way.

Gollywobbles said...

It's so ironic that I was just on Sarah's site to see what new art she was posting....and landed on your site! WOW! good to see your work! Sam

rachel awes said...

your afloat girl
is lovely!
i love all that's
in your boat. xo

wandamarie.blogspot.com said...

i just escaped! lucky for me it was here..so very BEAUTIFUL and love your colors! xo

Sueann said...

Gentle hugs to you dear one!!