Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Artwork–No. 3

We had about half a day of sun yesterday. Enough to do a little yard work and feel the warm rays on my back.

Today, the grey is back.

And with it, a little grey-ness in my mood.

Time for art.

Begin with some of the great new stamps I bought from Scrollwork, this great little stamp company which is unfortunately going out of business. I treated myself before they are all gone…


I found this prepped page in the art journal – bits of spray residue in a perfectly greyish palette…


What do you see in the blobbies ?


I saw the profile of a woman, and added the pointy hat stamp with StazOn in black to form a crown of sorts.


I pinked her up with Twinkling H20’s and Inktense water color pencils and some blending with a paintbrush and water.


Added the birds on a wire (with some Twinkling H20’s on the birds for some shimmer),

and the “ No. 3” with the black ink and my stamps,

followed by a few lines from a Fleetwood Mac song…


and the piece felt done.


I love this sweet spot…

Going to spend the day looking for more sweet spots in spite of the greyness.

Listen to this cool version of this song if you have a chance…a sweet spot moment.

Happy Sunday, Beautiful Ones.


Snap said...

Fleetwood Mac ... back in my day. I like this page. Hope the sun is shining tomorrow for you, (I'll take your grey day to cool the temp down!)

Sherry said...

Love this page...and the choice of words.

I saw an elephant in the purply/pink btw...but I prefer the woman you saw!!!

It's the same story here in TO -- we had one fabulous day of spring -- sunshine, sunshine, warmth...and now back to the grey. I'm lifting a page from your book to put some "colour" in the day!!!! xo

Unknown said...

grey, grey GO AWAY! Love this page, and love Fleetwood Mac. Amazing when you combine the two! I hope for MUCH SUNSHINE for you, and very soon!

tami said...

Love me some Fleetwood! and your grey day turned a beautiful pink because of your creativity . . . made me smile.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Love Fleetwood Mac!

In the far left (the purpley part) I see a chicken with LONG legs running!

BEAUTIFUL work Kim! I really love those stamps!


Paula said...

Lots of sweet spots on this page! It's simply gorgeous. Happy Sunday, my friend!

Unknown said...

I love having the peek inside your creative process! Love the page, love the song, love the will to forge ahead :)

Cindy said...

Love what you've created A very nice page. I'm also a biggg fan of Fleetwood Mac.

Hugs XX

lynne h said...

i am smiling... i love everything here... : )

happy sunday to you my dear Big Heart.


Lynn Cohen said...

How fun to see how you created this step by step. Thanks for sharing...the outcome...supurb!

patti said...

I must get myself some inktense watercolor pencils! Your colours are so bright and deep!

Thanks for sharing your sweetspots Kim, I hope the sun returns soon!

Priti Lisa said...

Kimmers!!! Kisses to you! Your pages are cheerful in spite of our weather issues...I was so hopeful for a sunny day today, but bleah, gray and chilly...I did take my country walk tho...10 miles and some pretty terrific cow friends.
I agree...we have had our share of gray!!!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

As a child of Fleetwood Mac, I "hear" this song within your painting. Lovely washes and you know I love birds. Grey, sunshine, being Number 3, it's all part of life.

Marit said...

This song hits me hard today... I'm on my way going down... thanks for your art today my soulsister! It somehow gives me comfort knowing you are in the world.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Jess said...

You had a grey day but you made the sun come out for me! I'd forgotten all about this song and it takes me back to the time I was a teenager and someone I knew used to play this end to end for hours drivng me insane. Today I listened to it and the music from that guitar is really beautiful. In fact I enjoyed it so much I'm going to listen to it again! Btw...people used to tell me I looked like Stevie Nicks..LOL! Still makes me laugh!xx