Friday, December 2, 2011

Haiku My Heart–My Winter Garden



It is safe and warm

In my own Winter Garden

I’m free to bloom there.


In my studio, I am lucky enough to have a huge bay window.

We call it the intensive care for the plants in our house.

If they need a dose of bright sunlight, and a safe place to bloom,

this window is the place.

I heard the term “winter garden” on an episode of House Hunters International.

It referred to an enclosed patio that could be enjoyed in the winter months.

I realized how my studio feels like a winter garden.

With the trees bare outside, and even when the snow will white out all the color beyond my windows,

inside here, the light shines brightly and we are all free to bloom.


Happy Friday, Beautiful Blooming Ones !

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rebecca said...

dear kim,
thank you for taking me inside your winter garden. this has been a wild morning!
i am finally up (oh i have been up since before dawn, i mean my post is finally up!!!) but delayed with a computer melt down.
sorry for the delay. thank you for placing me in the warm light of your radiant heart!

Marit said...

I would love to be a flower at your window. Oh how I would bloom! Enjoy your garden dear!

carol l mckenna said...

Lovely ~ haiku and photos ~ delightful ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

Lisa said...

Ahhh...I just took several long and slow breaths while reading that, blooming right where I am. THANK YOU so much dear one.

Sherry said...

I'm glad you have a winter garden where you can continue to bloom throughout the year!! xo

foxysue said...

Thinking of you blooming in your 'hot-house studio' raising new art and ideas!

Happy weekend petal,

Sue x

anthonynorth said...

A lovely place.

Unknown said...

Winter garden for sure. I am inside QMM's Christmas Workshop and my flowers are all green Hoping for some color on my lavender plant soon. Such a lovely blog. Blessings to you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You ARE lucky to have such a garden growing during's lovely!!! You have a wonderful blooming day as well.

Olivia said...

What a great thing for My Queen to have--a safe, warm, nurturing space filled with Big Love for Living Things, Light, and Beauty. Thank you for sharing this with me on this dark and dreary morning in the Pacific Northwest :) I think we all have to have a space, a place to go to that is safe and warm and nurturing; I am currently looking to discover that place inside of me! xoO

Meri said...

I suspect you bloom wherever you are, but a winter garden (and plant hospital) is a grand idea.

Helen Campbell said...

What a wonderful garden window! How lucky you are to have a beautiful place to be surrounded with blooms during the cold winter months.

Nadeja said...

A true Sanctuary where love abounds and all is blessed by your presence! Sending you big blessings and much love and deep appreciation for sharing your beautiful spirit. I love you Kimmy

Kate Robertson said...

What a beautiful thought. You are lucky to have that window indeed. I am sure your winter garden will help you make it through this coing winter.

Much Love,


couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

OH i lOOOOOOVE your window!
and so many pretty things and plants all around

peggy gatto said...

A heavenly place and I love the words!!!
Very nice!!!!

Spadoman said...

Love your Winter garden. I have one very large plant that sits nearby where I spend most of my time. I looked at it when I read your post and it needs to be repotted! I better wait until Spring. Great haiku. Enjoy Winter, whereever you are.


Annie Jeffries said...

Dear Kim,

I recall the episode of a winter garden room. The househunting was in Germany. I loved the glassed in porch that would fill in the winter blues with blooming brilliance. What an excellent way to get through dark and dreary weather. Your bay window is a beautiful Plan B for sun hungry houseplants.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Winter gardens are indeed good blooming places!

haiku on Friday
a handful of syllables
scattered heart to heart

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Anonymous said...

I bet your studio space looks wonderful, such an inspiration for your work. Love that African Violet! xox Corrine

Noelle Clearwater said...

Wonderful flowers blooming in december, given such love and care. Who would not bloom in your presence my dear?

Fallingladies said...

Lovely haiku, and the cards you posted earlier are so bright and wonderful! So cheery!

Cindy said...

Looks absolutely beautiful Kim....I have one plant in the house Kim because of the cool drafts I get in this place. Lol. When it does bloom it makes me smile. thinking of you often. hugs.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Your winter garden looks like a mighty inviting place to me. Thanks for sharing.

Susie Clevenger said...

Your winter garden brightens my spirit..looks like a lovely place to spend time

Sueann said...

Oh how wonderful to have a winter garden of your very own...a bay window?? How divinely perfect that is!!

Lynn Cohen said...


Jess said...

Kim, you have a beautiful home and it looks so peaceful there! Can I come and live there too please? ;o)
Jess xx

SE'LAH... said...

with the amount of love you share, all things are possible...your beauty shines through everything you touch.

sending warm, loving vibes your way.

Brianne said...

Haiku Traffic Signs Bring Poetry To NYC Streets

Hospital I am, My family comes to mock, Long I read a sign.
Beautiful winter garden!
Peace. Brianne