Monday, December 19, 2011

Loving my winter weekend…

I had a very cozy weekend spent mostly in sweats.

The wrapping got done.

A big pot of chili was made.

Some books got read.

( I am reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran, and David is reading Inheritance by Christopher Paolini).

Naps were savored.

And furry pets happily hung out with the two of us, basking the in the glow of our pretty Christmas tree.

I also managed to do a couple of art journal pages.

It is taking some time to get back into the flow of making pages regularly.

I am feeling a little rusty.

But it also feels so good to get back to this practice. I missed it !


A kind of doodle page.


This figure emerged from a blob shape I drew in pencil on an old dictionary page.


Love those intuitive exercises. Especially when I am feeling rusty in my creative process.


This little sad-looking girlie reminds me of something out of a Tim Burton cartoon or something…


The second piece was all about my quest to keep the light around me wherever I can in these darkest of December days.

I played with some spray inks and a Crafter’s Workshop Sunburst Stencil to create this page.DSC05856



I love the Maiori quote.

Going to keep those shadows behind me…


Lots of stuff to do today.

Post office,

grocery shopping,

one last gift to buy,

and meditation class tonight.

I hope you have a light-filled Monday, Beautiful Ones !

Shine on !


Janet said...

For feeling rusty you created a couple of incredible pages! I love the "blob" figure....she's great. And the Maiori quote is a good one to remember. Happy Monday to you....and Merry Christmas!

Kate Robertson said...

I love both your pages, your doodles are art for sure. The Maori quote is beautiful too. The sun stencil made a striking piece. I have been planning on getting some of those stencils but other things are alway pressing. Maybe when my birthday comes around I till have to give myself.

As always your blog brings a bit of sunshine to my day.
Have a wonderful Holiday.


jgr said...

Hi Kim,
Your cozy weekend sounds wonderful! I love your journal pages--great cheerful colors and the quote is lovely. Happy Monday and Merry Christmas!

Jaime Haney said...

Your weekends always sound so fun and relaxing :)

You don't seem to appear very rusty to me Queeny! I love the little blog figure! and you sun is fantastic! What a great quote, I may need to memorize that one :)

xx Jaime

Unknown said...

The thought of your cozy weekend filled my heart with joy and comfort. I LOVE your journal pages- so beautiful and inspiring. <3

Marilyn Shafer Johnson said...

"Let a little sunshine in...
Let a little sunshine in...
Clear the darkened window
Open wide the door...
Let a little sunshine in."
A song for you that our Mom sang every morning as she pulled back the window covers...
Happy Happy to You.

Marit said...

Oh yes dear, keep the shadows behind you and enjoy the (Christmas) lights shining on your face! How do you like 'incredibly loud...'? It's a bit of a depressing book, but very well written (I read it in the original - English - language and the story stayed with me for a long time) and with humour too. Let the light shine dear soulsis... sending you a warm hug!

beth said...

i am totally going to see the movie of the book you are reading...they suggested bringing a box of kleenex when you that i think about it and how i do an ugly cry, maybe i'll wait till it comes out on dvd.

Anonymous said...

I love your way of being in these pages, and you certainly just had the time being this weekend. I took a much needed nap Saturday too!!! xox Corrine

Sherry said...

Your weekend sounded delightful...quiet, slow, restful and cozy...just what a weekend is meant to be!!!

Love the new works in the would never know you were "rusty" -- and I love the sunburst!!!!

Olivia said...

I too am a big fan of your cozy weekend experience and your journal pages too. It literally sounds like heaven! I am glad that you have someone to share your life with like that, My Queen, and of course your furry family too. What a perfect pre-Christmas weekend! xoO

Cindy said...

Love your description of your weekend, and your pages well they thrill me every time. thanks for all your visits lately. wishing you all the best at Christmas and a very happy New Year. I hope all your dreams come true. hugs dear friend.

Nadeja said...

Kimmy, I love that figure. Looks like a luxurious morning stretch!! Just love it!!!! Your art seems to be taking on a newness...more mature? or I don't know how to describe it...It feels very full of beautiful substance and magic! Wonderful! Love it and I love you,

Jess said...

You're scaring that shadow right away with your beautifully creative journal pages! No signs of rust there. ;o) Jess

lynne h said...

hey sweet one...

what especially caught my eye were the words "my purpose is to BE".

yes, yes, yes...


deb did it said...

you are my sunshine when skies are grey!

Julie Prichard said...

Kim- the sun page. Love. It. Should be a print in your shop.... We've been so cold here..I want to feel warm again. xo