Thursday, December 1, 2011

Riding the wave…

This week has flown by.

Most of it was spent in the preparation for the Manchester West High School Theatre Knights Holiday Craft Fair that is taking place on Saturday, December 3rd from 9-3pm.

It has been a joy to see ideas,


like pieces of wet clay,


get formed into things I am proud to put my name on…


While crafty things that will sell well at a craft fair don’t provide the same Soul satisfying feeling as my more intuitive art does,


there is still a lot of joy in seeing my own personal style and artistic expression

shine through in everything I present.



I am also very happy that the craft fair I choose to participate in is a fund raiser that helps keep the theatre program at Manchester West High School flourishing.

I know the importance of keeping the Arts in our schools !

While most of my time has been spent with my nose to the grind stone,

True Artist Kim did come out to play for a bit.


I took about an hour and a half or so to create this page in my art journal yesterday.


Finding joy in the present moment is what it is all about.

Right, Beautiful Ones ?

I hope your Thursday is filled with sweet joy.

Come and share it at Meri’s Musings !



The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Wheee! Time in the studio! I am still battling the virus from hell here, riding my own wave. They are sweet word ornaments!

Elena said...

Was in love w/ the hanging bird w/ love in its chest when I came to your journal page. WOW! Love you dear Queen...

Linda said...

Love the wave!! love you! you are so generous with your creating...wishing you back all the joy you send out into the world - intentional, or unintentional (that about covers it, ya think?)

Unknown said...

It's all so lovely! And I have to admit, after getting back into the "swing" of art journaling every day, I'm SO envious that you can create such a beautiful page in such a short amount of time. I need to just come to terms with the fact that I take VERY LONG to make anything and enjoy that time spent. *huge hugs*

Sherry said...

Love the waves!!! And your wee boat!! :)

Your clay ornaments are just be used at the holidays or any time...hope these will be a future feature in your etsy shop (hint, hint, hint....)


beth said...

i'm riding that wave with you, with my arms in the air, and yelling "hold on sweet friend" as we enjoy the ride.

Unknown said...

I so LOVE your art work.
Any chance some of those cards will be available at your Etsy store?
I would love to buy!
Thanks for sharing your joy; it's contagious.

Marit said...

I so love your woman in that little boat.. it reminds me of myself nowadays... high waves, rock and roll and a lot of fun but busy, busy... sorry I haven't visit you earlier. You forgive me, right?

Michele said...

This is truly beautiful. And I love the rich, vibrant colors! Thanks for this today.

Meri said...

I find JOY in seeing your lovlies!

Unknown said...

Kim, if this is my second comment please forgive me. My senior moments are getting more frequent. I love your art. Over from Meri's neck of the woods. I will be back.

Priti Lisa said...

I love all of these 'crafty' treats...the dove is my favorite, I think. And I love your journal page too. I reminds me of the owl and the pussycat...even tho the boat isn't pea green. And there is no pussycat. Or owl, lol.
I guess I kitties on the brain.
And he could be an owl...
I am totally nutz.

Olivia said...

Thank you for sharing your joy, My Queen! Your items for the fair are delightful! Love to you, xoO

Cheryl said...

Beautiful! I think I find my eternity when I stand near the ocean. I look out and just float on the waves.

Jess said...

Well done Kim, your crafts shine with your creative spirit too!
Jess xx