Thursday, January 19, 2012

Share the Joy Thursday–The Space Between

From this week’s Joy List :

1. Being there for a friend who really needs an ear and some extra love.

2. Pride in a hard-working husband who received some much deserved recognition.

3. Kitty Cats, kitty cats, everywhere ! Their purrs are music to my heart.

4. Sharing Rock My World rocks in new ways – this time through a high school guidance counselor who wants to share them with her kids.

5. A return to the Artist in me – I am in love with my journal !!!

So if you remember, the page in my beautiful Moleskine started like this…


And when last we saw it, it looked like this :



The last stamp to use on the page was this Invoke Arts “Art Queen” stamp.

So, with some sweet tunes on Pandora, ink and a dip pen, Twinkling H2O’s, acrylic paints and some great play time

(you can tell it was great but the mess !),

this is where we ended up…



The fold of the page actually falls along the nose of the large face.


And the Art Queen stamp forms part of the “vision” in the eye.


I ended up cutting a window into the page.

I love how the purple “rock wall”DSC06039

becomes a frame around the first two “ladies” when you turn the page.


I added some paint, stenciling and ink work onto the second page spread…


And now it is ready for more art journaling play !


The journal entry I wrote says it all for me right now.


I am choosing to LIVE in this space between, and be as present as I can be in this one precious life.

And soak up the joys of this place.

Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !



More joyous musing can be found here.


Cindy Bock said...

You are a beautiful delight. Beautifully inspiring -- thank you!

Sherry said...

Clever you -- the stamp as the "eye" and then cutting a window that acts as a frame as well!! Oh the artist in you is back in action!!

I love the joys in your life..congrats to that man of yours for the recognition and how wonderful that a guidance counselor at a school sees the benefit of your rocks. That gives me hope that there is still a good future ahead for young people.

And as a friend who has been the recipient of your love and your gentle heart -- all I can say is you are MY Joy this Thursday! ♥

Snap said...

LOVE these pages and the window! Great color.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful journaling!! And I just adore the way your rock my world messages make their way into the world - makes my heart glad!!

big hugs,

Lynne said...

I just love this...yay for connecting with you.

beth said...

Those words and that frame.....omg Kim....amazing !!!

beth said...

Those words and that frame.....omg Kim....amazing !!!

Marit said...

The journal is beautiful and so is your handwriting! I haven't done anything myself lately (creative that is) and today is especially depressing with rain, grey skies and the drizzling seems to have gotten into my head... Your bright pages are like a ray of sunshine, thanks dear!

Anonymous said...

Love, love this window effect and how it really makes the page pop. Sounds like good news for David and I cannot imagine how the world doesn't love your sweet hubby and see what a genuine good guy he is everywhere he goes. Glad to see you making sweet art. xox Corrine

deb did it said...

YOU amaze me inspire me ...I adore you, and your heART..!!

Kate Robertson said...

Fantastic Kim! I was wondering what you could do with the last stamp and that was fabulous. Love the ut out window too. It frames the ladies quite nicely. Enjoy you time in that "space between"


michelle renée bernard said...

Wow! This is fabulous. Love the tricked out pages. Good advice, living in the spaces in-between. P.S. #4 brought a joyful tear to my eye! xoxxo

Unknown said...


eb said...

lots of color
lots of joy
can you see me smiling
sunshine again...

xox - eb.

Unknown said...

These pages are bringing me great JOY! The color, texture and imagery just pop.


Janet said...

You're definitely in the right space...this is fantastic!! I love everything about it from the queen in the eye to the colors and what you wrote. Beautiful!

jgr said...

Oh, I love it all-- especially the window!! You've outdone yourself, my friend.

Cheryl said...

Your journal pages are very inspiring. What kind of pen do you use that has that spidery look?

smiles, Sharon said...

I am so glad you didn't leave us dangling last week with the beginning of your journal adventure. It has been so fun to see your imagination and brilliant colors work their magic on plain white paper....this is really a special journal you have will be so proud of the completed work. Please share more.
Smiles: sharon

Laura said...

Kim this is fantastic!!! I miss painting and making books and such...maybe my strength and endurance will continue to increase and these playful/joyful practices will be a part of my life again...for nnow, I am dwelling in this space between, and loving writing and photography. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today:-)

Rosa said...

Beautiful work. I love "Kind words give love wings." Awwww.

Susan Sager Brown said...

Just Luscious, Kim! wonderful work!!

patti said...

Inspired journaling Kim, I love seeing your journal play!

Betty Manousos said...

amazing and inspiring!

i love your blog!

Cindy said...

Looks wonderful Kim, make me want to get my paints out today, right now. hugs to you.

rachel awes said...

gorgeous pages...your every layer is so beautiful!
+ dear, i ADORE the in between.
a powerful, intuitive, transformational place.
i send you a kiss here!

Dawn Elliott said...

Your work is amazingly gorgeous and inspirational, as is your appreciation list. Thanks for sharing your joy all around!

Jess said...

I loved reading this post! The window adds a magical dimension to your journal, how clever! I love the eye containing extra messages too.
Each moment is precious, thankyou Kim for the inspiration. :o)
Jess x

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

This journal is singing! And thanks for being my rock earlier this week. Things are still sorting themselves out, I'm amassing information and will have to come to a big decision very soon. *sigh* Hurray for the King for the pat on the back too!

Priti Lisa said...

Thank you so much kim, for sharing your art journal. I can't imagine a more beautiful or intimate gift. It is just too fantastic. I love the queen in the eye. And the window. And the way you broke up the vastness of the page...just brilliant! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

I've loved having a few minutes to explore your blog. I love your art journaling - sooo inspiring! Thanks for sharing your process.
Cheers, Lisa - the mountain mermaid

margie said...

wow, beautiful.