Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Seaside Love…

A few little glimpses into what a treat my trip to Seaside, FLA was…


My hostess with the mostest, the kind, generous, funny, talented, beautiful and brilliant, Beth !

(Yes, I love her to bits !)


Sunshine at the beach…a delight in spite of the cool temps in the 50’s and below.


Sherry and her hubby Al, who drove down from Toronto, Canada to meet up with us.

It was a sweet, sweet thing to see my fabulous Warrior-Woman, Sweet Heart again.


The three of us made quite the team !

Our specialty ? Girl talk, I would say, and of course…


Shopping !


The three of us did well at the annual Seaside Flea Market on the Green.

It was a fun scene and Sherry and Beth got to go a little hog wild as they are both driving home and didn’t have to worry about luggage rates on the plane !


Oh, and did I mention that I love, love love the sea ?


I find it so inspiring,


unbelievably beautiful…


and a place that fills my heart with peace and love.


I feel so very, very blessed to have had the chance to go to Seaside again this year and spend time with my friends in such a very beautiful place.

It made me feel alive and vibrant in many ways.


What more could any of us ask for in the one precious life ?


I hope you found things to make you feel vibrant and alive today, Beautiful Ones !

Big, big love !


Olivia said...

What a great and fun trip it looks like My Queen had! Love the journal pages and love that month-day-year stamp--wow! Glad it was such a great trip, xoO

Country Girl said...

Came here from Beth's to say hello. Love the photos of your visit ~

Unknown said...

My goodness- SO beautiful. Especially that journal page! So blissful!!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh, my sweet, wonderful, namesake Kimmypoo! What a wonderful set of photos and what a wonderful time seemed to have passed. You girls look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! So windswept and beach-revitalized. Yowza. What a rejuvenating experience for all of you. Actually, I think Sherry is still "experiencing" (last message was from Myrtle Beach and it sounds like she doesn't want to leave!) So it was in the 50's (are you thinking that it was not so far from NH?) but you still had the energy of the ocean and the time "away". All of it healing, big and small. A little guarded, good news on Riley's front today. We'll talk soon though...

beth said...

i had to laugh when kim {bodhi chicklet} said windswept, thinking of that awful photo of all of us on the beach with my "five head" taking up the whole shot practically....LOL

thank you my sweet love, for being you, for being my seaside sidekick.....
{say that three times really fast}
seaside sidekick seaside sidekick seaside sidekick.....xoxo

rachel awes said...

this looks heavenly **
i love your art on paper + water.

LuLu Kellogg said...

What a fabulous time you girls must have had! YIPPEE!!! LOVED seeing all the pictures!

Welcome home!


artbrat said...

What fun to be able to hang out with the girls in such a beautiful place! Glad you had a refreshing break.

Love the vibrancy in your journal entries. They're beautifully cheerful!

Sueann said...

What a beautiful place and you all look fabulous. And add a flea market?? Bliss I say..bliss!!!
Wonderful journal pages!!
Hugging you

Marit said...

One day, one day my dear... I hope to walk with you along the seaside too!

Sherry said...

Your photos make me smile inside and out -- the fun we had and the joy of being together. We are so blessed and we best part is that we know it!!

As for the journal page you did when we were sitting at the table talking, it looks wonderful in person but when I see the photograph I am doubly thrilled with the colour and the composition...especially having watched you go through the creative process. I feel honoured to have watched you work.

What an incredible few days -- they are deep in my memory book!! xoxo

Priti Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing all of these yummy photos...just being here makes my day happy. Your calendar pages are vibrant and you my friend♥♥♥