Thursday, January 31, 2013

Consistent Joy…

From this week’s joy list :

My joys this week are some things that have been bringing me joy consistently for a long time now…

#1 is Art Journaling.

I am so glad to have returned to this process.

Free to let whatever comes come,


good, bad, ugly, beautiful,


(A Taste of the Moment – Art journal page – It feels as though the sweet art of my friend Rachel Awes was creeping in on this page)


reconnecting with bits of myself deep inside,


(This is Beneath – Art Journal Page – a bizarre mermaid and her fish friends emerged from some ink blobs on the page)


and documenting moments of my life as I go along…


(Rumi Quote Art Journal Page – This quote stopped me in my tracks last week when I read it. I love this collage and ink page created to honor it.)


My #2 Joy to celebrate this week is my love for stitching on bits of hand dyed felt,

always inspired by my time with my Magic friend, e.b., who helped me develop this love !

Winter and life circumstances have kept us apart physically for a bit, but we are still connected through our art, our hearts and our stitches…


(Rock Being homes stitched and ready to travel!)


And my #3 joy for this week is Furry Kid Love !


(My black cat Boo, officially named Cosmos, curled in my lap on the couch.)

I remarked to David this morning how it feels like we have a lot of animals in our house these days! We are out numbered by them, 2 humans to 4 pets !

I think it is because I have been spending so much time with them all, as I hibernate the winter away…

They are a real source of comfort and companionship, as well as delight, making me giggle with their silly animal antics !

Love those furry kiddos of mine !

I hope you have some sweet consistent joy in your world today, beautiful Ones !

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Meri said...

The quote (Life is short. . .) and your illustrations are so show stopping, I had to put it on my MY FRIENDS' BLOGS board on Pinterest. My art journal, tentative as it is, can't compare to yours, but I'm definitely enJOYing the process. And my furry friends are wonderful company while I create, clean, and read.

Sherry said...

What you did with that Rumi quote is beautiful! Just looking at your art work brings me joy and I love that you are hibernating with your furries and enjoying their company. All the little things, the simple things...that is truly where the joy is found. xoxox

foxysue said...

Rumi quotes,
arting around with bits and bobs,
furry friends,
sharing the JOY,
all sprouting LOVE x

Leovi said...

Delicious compositions, exquisite colors and designs, I love.

Snap said...

It's a delight watching your art change, develop ... live! The Rumi quote Rocks! :D :D

bacon said...

I have been doing some serious hibernating myself. It's both good and bad for me, but I can't seem to break the cycle. Lots of curling up with the fur kids during hibernation makes it so much sweeter. Happy Joyful Thursday, gorgeous soul.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful varied loveliness coming from your sunny corner studio...looks like a good week to me! xox

Sueann said...

Love love love the stitched bags!! And your journal pages are terrific!! Be well dear one...prayers from me surrounds you!

Nadeja said...

I love that Rumi Quote!!! and I love you my Kimmy. The stitching art on the left of the picture, says Sun Worshipers to me. Love you art! But more particularly I love you. Have a wonderful Friday!!! Thank you for your seeds of love, Mom xoxo

rachel awes said...

the you of the deep
is who i love best.

kendalee said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous journal pages! And little furry kids... such a joy.

Unknown said...

Your work is REALLY speaking to me lately. It's like you tapped into a deep part of yourself and its singing to the rest of us... *sigh* beautiful!