Thursday, April 4, 2013

Share the Joy–Dear Hearts

From this week’s Joy List :

My great joy is realizing how many sweet places my heart calls home.


(self-portrait and message to my self, heading north to visit family and friends)


(Beautiful birch at Lac Vezeau, Quebec)


(My favorite 4, almost 5 year old in the world, Katie !)


(Happy Breakfast from bro-in-law, John to his son, Thomas on Easter morning)


(Felted fun with my friend Suzanne, the felt artist)


(Tea for me from e.b. – a delicious time.)


(Lake Champlain, with winter winds fighting off spring in vain.)


(Sweet Chica-Lulu, welcoming me home.)

For me, Home is where the dear Hearts are.

And I am so blessed with so many amazing Ones in my life.



Settling back in at home after an amazingly sweet time away.

I think spring may be arriving today in NH.

Better late than never.

I hope your Thursday is filled with heart-felt joy !!!

Big Love !


Stephanie said...

You have indeed been savoring the JOY in your life!!! Happy to see those shores of Lake Champlain and know that you and eb are sipping...together.


Sherry said...

Here is to all the joy in and around your have the most amazing knack for finding it -- without ever needing to look too far!! Happy spring...I hope it really is making it's presence felt today! xo

*jean* said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful....hope the warming rays visit you soon...xo

Karen said...

Lots of joy here! Lovely shots, Lake Champlain is beautiful this time of year.

Anonymous said...

shining the light
on love
you bring and find joy
everywhere you go
is extra special
sipping with you
the sun is shining
spring is with us
see you soon...

xox - eb.

beth said...

what a love inspired time beautiful !!

Tatiana said...

mmm, teaaa <3 and what a cute breakfast!

Marit said...

Such joy to find you happy and smiling! Enjoy the weekend dear one!

Meri said...

Now that's one happy face breakfast! Beautiful snow scenes and I've so joyful that I'm not having to shovel anything.

nacherluver said...

♕ ◁ a crown for you my dear Queen of Arts! ♡

Laura said...

plenty of joy here Kim. I didn't realize you lived in NH... me too. I'm in Amherst, how about you?

iHanna said...

Wishing you a happy weekend. I sat in the sun today. Yay, spring is near.

Kate Robertson said...

Spring is fickle, she left us. Now its cold and rain and wind. Loved seeing the cute little breakfast.