Friday, April 19, 2013

Haiku My Heart - Creating our Way...

No map is given
At the start of our journey
We must create one.

More haiku and beautiful hearts at recuerda mi corazon (

With just a few art supplies at hand here at my Mom's, I filled these little pages with doodles and tea stains.
Quite quickly, maps seemed to be emerging.
Maps of where ? To where ?
Not at all sure, but the map making is definitely part of this process of life, isn't it ?
Things are different now, having lived through almost losing my Mom, and seeing her strength, resilience and need to change some paths on the map for the betterment of her well-being, for the betterment of her Life.
Things are different for my path too.
Battered and bruised perhaps, but still certain that when the road is paved with love and light, we can all get where were are supposed to go...

Big love to you Beautiful Ones !
(Please excuse the funky post structure - using a limited Blogger app on the iPad)


Sherry said...

It never matters "how" the post set up's enough that you share with us and manage to find the time and the ability to post while life has been upside down and topsy turvy. Love the thoughts about maps -- love that very much. Love you too -- glad to know that your mother is doing well! xoxo

somepinkflowers said...

thinking of you, dear kim,
sharing this time
with your mom
when she needs
so ...

i cherish each cup of tea
i shared with my own mother ...

{{ BTW,
your haiku is so very wise,
young one,
as the map
we travel is always changing
mountains rise up
straight paths do
turn ...}}

~~treasure maps~~
as well as place

(( i cannot figure how to
Typepad blog*post at all
from my iPad app
A+++ to you, missy ))

Anonymous said...

your love map
to all destinations

Anonymous said...

So true so so very true. I love your resourcefulness in finding art material! Great maps!

beth said...

your talent and love for creating always amazes me....sooooooo much !!

Priti Lisa said...

All roads lead to home, don't they?
I have been keeping an extra prayer for you
and your mom these past week(s)
(so hard to keep track of the days I find)
You are a wonderful daughter, Kim.
It seems amazing to survive
and even more amazing to THRIVE
and be creative and patient
and kind
and away from home.
You amaze me Kim, you really do.

J C said...!! How wonderfully creative you are.

gma said...

I made a map of my world (on my blog...)
They are a good reference for where you've been
and where you want to go.
My best to you and your Mom.

foxysue said...

Sorry the terrain is tough just now,
we all meet these patches,
part of the journey as you well know.
Mother and daughter bonding
is a beautiful thing
especially on a rough journey,
I know and with all of my heart
I am grateful this has brought me
and my girl closer.

And our bigger family is brought
much closer when tough things
happen that we don't understand,
again I feel privileged to be
a part of such a family! x

Marit said...

Kim, what a difficult week you went through without me knowing (I was not well myself and minimum online) - I am glad to hear your mum is doing better. Cherish every day - thinking of you and your loved ones. Big hug from Holland.

Laura said...

beautiful haiku... love your map series too:-)

joanne said...

love these delightful maps! and a beautiful way of looking at our life.....

Annie Jeffries said...

Our lives are so filled with twists and turns. The direction for mine changed often until I was 30 years old. Each turn, each twist sent me to unexpected places. Looking back, I can now see where another choice would have actually sent me off on an entirely different road. Some I regret, most I don't. After all, the choices got me here and I am happy.

This is a beautiful and deeply personal haiku, Dawn. Each of us, I'm sure, identify with it in a similar way but with very different outcomes.

rebecca said...

my darling one,

i love that you are right there at your mothers side savoring her with every cell of your being. you are both in my heart and prayers. thank you for every way you extend yourself with love into the hearts of countless others.
definitely your supper power!


Anonymous said...

Glad you found a moment to create your maps and that Mom is doing so well. Good to hear from you. xox

*jean* said...

Love your doodlings!

*jean* said...

And your haiku...I'm using my iPad too and am totally not used to it yet! Yeash...