Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Holding in light…

Happy and I had a “I am sad” party last night.


I had my own sadness…

mostly about some big hurts from a relationship with a friend.

I am sure, too, that I was picking up on the sadness of the mass consciousness,

with the chaos in the world and remembering the losses of 9/11.


Whatever the cause, I was drawn to spending time just feeling those feelings of sadness and loss, rather than running from them or numbing them with some unhealthy balm like Moose Track ice cream.

I put on the mellow tunes,


lit a candle,

and immersed myself in the creative flow of an art journal page.


Hidden behind some of the collage papers on this page are some venting words,

getting the hurt out of my heart in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone else but that helps heal it in me.


Art Journal Page – “I am fine.”, 9/10/13

Creating this page was cathartic.

And I think it is beautiful.

I am proud of myself for actually feeling it all.

And I am grateful to know these creative, healing tools to help me along the journey.

Today, I have the energy to hold myself, and my world in the light…

just as my brilliant friend, Terri St.Cloud of Bone Sigh Arts, and so many other brave and shiny hearts I know are doing.

Light and love, Beautiful Ones.

We are all in this together.


Priti Lisa said...

Beautiful post Kim♥
Art Journal-ling is a life saver...your page is really pretty and I am glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, we are all in this together. And sometimes it takes the remembrance of something so big, so monumentally sad to connect with our own personal, deep sadness and there is a natural letting go, letting out and "feeling" in a way we might otherwise turn away from. The bigger picture allows all of who we are to be in the moments. I so value that you wrote the words and the venting behind the piece of beautiful art you created...that you let out the hurt in a creative way rather than a way that might have been more hurtful to you (i.e. the ice cream, however, alluring!). In this way you face today with an emptiness of those hurtful feelings and a smile on your face because something beautiful emerged from within...and you aren't beating yourself up for eating something that you didn't need or really want...a temporary salve on the hurt. I am taking a big page from you today my've taught me something I can continue to learn from. Love you so much! xo

Olivia said...

What a beautiful way to process pain, anger, hurt--My Queen, I wish you the best day possible as we all remember. Congratulations on feeling your feelings in a constructive and creative way and moving forward. May your sweet spirit reign today and ever...with love, xoO

MB Shaw said...

Beautiful. This is often how I process emotion (especially pain) and I am so glad you were able to more through the experience. xo

Unknown said...

SO beautiful. You are SO beautiful. I love your perspective. And am so grateful that you and I and everyone else are dancing together...

Unknown said...

so sweet Kim .... I'm glad for you that you have a creative outlet ... healthy mind and healthy heart ... your little rock creature has a very peaceful smile ... no wonder