Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finding my shiny…

It has been snowy and very grey since Sunday.


Not the most cheerful weather for me.

I definitely feel the lack of light and how it effects my mood.

I am trying hard to use some of the tricks I know to keep me from sinking.


One is painting with bright colors.

I am so in love with my new “Fruits of my Labor” piece.

(11X14” acrylic on canvas)


I have to say that Golden Acrylics are such a joy to paint with when you need that vibrancy and saturation of color. Expensive yes, but they really are worth the money !


I haven’t done any Christmas decorating yet.

David and I always travel for Christmas,

and sometimes,

the decorating seems like more work than pleasure.

Maybe my Christmasy mood will increase this weekend.

But I have started lighting my sweet twinkle lights in the living room, my studio and our bedroom every day.

That is a light that makes me smile.

Another thing that is really good for me is to focus on giving.

Getting out of my own head and sharing my gifts with others in a genuine, no expectations way.

I did that at meditation class this week.

I brought my rocks with me and offered each of the 10 or so people in the class

to reach into my bag and choose three or four rocks for themselves.


The magic happened as always !

A couple of women were amazed,

and received just the message from the Universe that they needed

and I received loving hugs in return.

I am so grateful for those rocks and my Rock Fairy job.


I am working on other little gifties to bring smiles to some others in my life as well.

All so good for keeping Kimbo in a shiny place.

Today is sunshiny, even if it is cold.

I promise myself to get this head out into the sun and soak in some of those rays.

I hope you find your shinies today too, Beautiful Ones !

Big winter time love !


Kate Robertson said...


Oh I love the penguin rock. I choose to decorate for just the two of us to set the mood and the decorations bring back such wonderful memories. Golden is worth the price. I just bought the Venzia Fabriano journal and oh my is it gorgeous. Good supplies are worth it. We have cold weather and I am ready for a small break. Ive been too busy to let the lack of light get to me this year. sending you some sunshine of the mind.


Anonymous said...

So shiny in your world, it glows over here. xox

Anonymous said...

So shiny in your world, it glows over here. xox

beth said...

shine on girlfriend and like that one rock says {which is a favorite of mine} "please do not feed the fears."

we have done very little decorating and felt a bit sad having to send christmas in a box to our daughter in australia, but we'll get there.

my parents are giving us money this's what i asked i can buy towels and blankets and sheets for clients at the food pantry. ohhhhh, that's going to make me smile so much.

love you sweet girl !!! SHINE ON!!!

Anonymous said...

Where you find the shiny or can make the shiny -- that is what your shiny soul must do!! xo

Priti Lisa said...

I HEAR you Kimbo :)
It was finally sunny here too...I went for a walk to the PO to mail my christmas-sy cards, it was cold, but it felt good.
You shine Queenie. even if it's gray.
Love you! ♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

I love the tropical feel of your painting and you are a beacon that is for sure!!