Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Getting ready and thinking about The Word of The Year…


Monday and today have been bitterly cold in NH.

The sun was out yesterday though, and the light was spectacular.

Today’s high is only 13 degrees Fahrenheit.


The clouds have moved in as of noon today, and the snow has started again.

Another 4 to 8 inches.

It is really feeling wintery and Christmasy now.

I am surprisingly feeling quite at peace with it all.


I am cozy in my house, with twinkle lights and a gorgeous poinsettia serving as Christmas décor.

David is working from home and

tomorrow, we will be babysitting our 1 month old great nephew,

Baby Jayden, for the day !!!


Yay !

I am happily making some handmade Christmas gifties and

with a sweet reminder from my friend Laura Svencner,

I found some time to update and renew my Etsy listing for

The Word of the Year Rock in a Box.




For those of you who choose a Word of the Year to work with instead of resolutions that are never kept, I can custom paint a small beach stone with your chosen word and custom decorate your little white porcelain box in your favorite colors. You can have a sweet keepsake to keep your word in focus all year long !

These little boxes will be available for order in my Etsy shop through the end of January.

I am still waiting to come up with my Word of the Year 2014.

My word for 2013 was “Live”, as in “Live in the moment”, and I am working really hard on doing just that. The right word will be waiting for me when the new calendar year starts !

Off to enjoy a cup of chai tea with maple syrup and milk, and watch the snow fall.

Stay cozy, Beautiful Ones !


Anonymous said...

Snow is falling here too. I love your new 2014 word box.....I am trying on my new word to see if it fits.....enjoy the chai..xox

Anonymous said...

Oh an the gluten free thing, have lost 7 lbs, and an inch on every measurement....It works all by itself. xox

beth said...

that baby for a whole day? i'm sooooo jealous !!! how totally fun !!!

darn it...i need a word. i don't remember last year's word or if i even picked one....2013 and i just didn't get along very well with each other...for the most part.

i have my little box from you with my rock "reach" in it from 2012, that i cherish and keep in my jewelry box....

so 2014...come and GET ME...FIND ME...BRING ME MY WORD....pleeeeeaaaasssse


iHanna said...

I want to pick a word, but don't know if I will be able to pick one... The stone/boxes are so cute, I hope you get lots of orders!

Anonymous said...

Being housebound on a snowy day with a beautiful baby to tend to -- I think that is bliss!!!! xoxo

Unknown said...

beautiful post Kim...our frigid temps seem to have made it to you.

I will think on my word for 2014 and let you know;)

Integrity has been my word this year and may have to let it have another year


nacherluver said...

Oh a baby in the house. How wonderfully sweet!
Love your WOY rock in a box idea.
Don't think I will do a word this year. We will see. The last two years my word kicked my ass. Definitely life changing. Lots of good but oh so much hard. I am actually scared of picking a word. Actually, I'm scared to let one pick me! Three years ago I picked and not only did the word not affect me, but it didn't take. By the end of the year I had to look back to see what it even was. These past two years I allowed words to pick me. Woah. Watch out! I have grown immensely but through much hardship. What to do… what to do?

Good luck to you and all who choose.

eb said...

oh how lovely and magical
to have a new baby in the house
this time of year...

wishing you
and all of your loved ones
a warm enlightened solstice
and the happiest of holidays
dear Kim...

xox - eb.

Fallingladies said...

wonderful! I have decided I think... I am going with awe. I want to continue to be awed by life and share it with others.

also I put my word on really tiny rocks and keep them in my hummingbird nest on my desk. I am sure I stole the idea from you but I didn't realize I was stealing it at the time, must have been a subliminal memory that came to me when I was painting on my bigger rocks. Anyway, thanks for the idea! Merry Christmas!