Friday, December 6, 2013

Haiku My Heart–A Haiku for Joe

A Haiku for Joe


A weaver of tales

He made deep marks on this world

With his heart story.


Man of Peace, my Friend,

Now makes his journey onward

Flies on wings of love.


My friend, Joe Spado, died on Monday, December 2nd, 2013.

We connected through Haiku My Heart, lovingly hosted each Friday by Rebecca of recuerda mi corazon.

We never met in person but I know him by heart.

A beautiful work of art by him hangs in my bedroom window, catching dreams and shining with love and care.

I feel as though I have a new guardian spirit hovering in that gentle space beyond.

I know your new travels on the wind will be gentle and peaceful, Man.

I am sending love and comfort to the hearts of those you have left on this side.

Thanks for what your Beautiful Spirit brought to my world.

Love & Peace, Man.



Olivia said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, My Queen. Thank you for sharing with us, xoO

Anonymous said...

That is so touching and so beautiful Kim. Hearts touch -- while we are alive in this world and while we are alive in the next xo

foxysue said...

Friends, who has friends like this?
Both Joe and you, able to express with spirit, love and vulnerability..

The world has been enriched by the presence of Joe, now we must carry on in his spirit..

Lovely haiku, tribute and heART work. x

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss, I know how fondly you spoke of him all the time....lovely words to honor your friend. xox

Priti Lisa said...

Your art for Joe i so very special...every bit a symbolic token,
every inch alive with heartbreak and life...beautiful sentiments too Kim. You've said what is in my heart too...I'm keeping an eye on my dream catcher, just in case I can catch one last glimpse.
Love you♥

Stephanie said...

oh Kim
so so very beautifully put


Anonymous said...

I wonder if there are motorcycle rallies in heaven. I would like to think so and that Joe was riding to his heart's content. Thank you for your beautiful paintings and words.

Annie Jeffries said...

So far from Joe, in reality
So close to Joe, in spirit.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry for your loss and the keenness of its sorrow - I think Joe would be honored to know what a gift he was to you - and continues to be.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

He wove tales at least as well as he wove dream catchers! ;)

Anonymous said...

Well that was just beautiful. I wasn't sad when I read this at all--I felt the love and the connection you had as well as his spirit and connection to this world. What a blessing to have had the experience of such a soulful connection.
much love

Spadoman said...

very touching! Permission please to copy and print this (if it's even possible). He loved all you folks in his blogger world, and you loved him. Thanks one an all for the friendship you have given him all these years. I plan on getting on the blog now and then to keep it going, but will never be able to fill his shoes.
Barb "Mrs. Spadoman"

Meri said...

He was a gentle epirit. Lovely tribute, Kim.

Fallingladies said...

I was so sad when I heard on Friday, and now I am crying again. It is so funny that you can be so connected to someone you have never met. It makes me realize how much all my online friends really mean to me... wonderful post for Joe. And I am happy to see mrs. Spadoman here as well...

Marit said...

Such a wonderful painting - Joe's spirit is in it and in your entire blogpost. I, too, received one of his dream catchers and I like the idea that there is a new guardian spirit in it. Joe teached us all, I feel that 'knowing Joe' made me a better person. His spirit will always be among us.

J C said...

I believe he would love this.

Laura said...

So beautiful Kim. I've not been online much and this morning is the first I'd heard of Joe's passing. What a beautiful shining soul. I do believe we will forever be blessed by his light.