Friday, March 21, 2008

Going to Visit the Peeps !

The sweet hubby and I are off to Montreal today for a Easter Weekend visit with my peeps. My sister lives about an hour north of the city in a cozy house in the mountains. On Saturday, we will be celebrating Easter, my nephew Tom's 5th birthday and the imminent arrival of my sister's little girl (due the beginning of May). So very much to be thankful for ! These family times bring me such joy and pleasure. It is so very worth the 5 hour drive !!!!

This piece is for the baby's room. It is done on two 18X20" canvases and will grace the walls above her crib. Looks like spring, doesn't it ? I had a lot of fun creating it to go along with the nursery colors. The rest of the room is much more neutral and this diptych will proving a sweet pop of color. I can't wait to shower this baby with love and all things pink !

Have a great weekend everyone ! Happy Spring !

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