Friday, March 28, 2008

Snow Day Play

We had another snow day today in Southern New Hampshire ! As a substitute teacher I didn't mind one bit but the teachers and kids will be in school until the very end of June now. I am so sick of snow though ! Crazy winter !
I took advantage to the day to finish up a few projects for the baby niece's room and to work in my journal a bit. This is a page using a technique I found in Bernie Berlin's "Artist Trading Card Workshop" book which is great and has a lot of fun things to try.

In this one you take an image from a magazine and glue it down onto a thicker surface (I used cardstock). Then you apply a thin layer of gesso over the image so you can still see the outlines through it. When the gesso is dry, you paint over the image, changing it significantly but still using the original as a guide or template. I also used Gelly Roll Pens for added detail. This is great for people like me who are sometimes challenged with drawing realistic faces. I should have taken a photo of the original image to show you a before but I didn't ! My frog lady is a little (okay a lot) less pretty than the artsy model in the original but I do love the end results ! The eyes are my favorite part - I love the twinkle !

Tomorrow I will brave the highway again to head back to Montreal for a little baby shower for my sister. I have made a lot of little goodies for the nursery that I am anxious to show the mommy-to-be. All of the women who are attending are so very sweet so it is sure to be a nice time.

Next week I will be finishing my three month substituting stint. That means more time for creative pursuits which I haven't had much energy for while working full time. Definitely more time for posting too, which is also great. My blog is only a month old and it has already given me so many positive moments !


Leah said...

i totally love how this card came out! i remember seeing this done by some other artists and it just looks so cool. i'm definitely going to have to try it! thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Good job, Kimmy ! I love it !
Love you ! Mom