Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Hamlet of Contentment

Sometime on my visits to different web sites in search of inspiration, I came across the image of a pointing hand holding a business card marked "Direct Road to the Hamlet of Contentment". I didn't really make note of where it came from but I "borrowed" the image for my own use and was inspired to create this piece in my art journal. Today while preparing to write this post, I googled the original image and found the Corita Art Center ( where serigraphs are available from the Museum Store with the hand and the business card as well as a great quote from Thoreau. It was an interesting find and I was able to give credit for my inspiration here which feels good.

What would your Hamlet of Contentment be like ? Who or what reside there ? Each of the houses in my hamlet actually open like little doors. Behind them are the words Balance, Love Heart & Home, and Vision. I can't imagine Contentment without them !

I actually see the Hamlet of Contentment as a vacation destination more than a place of residence. Contentment feels wonderful while it lasts but I think you can only stay there for so long before you have to return to your crooked little House of Reality. That's okay though, because you always have the memories and before you know it, you will have done enough work to earn another trip !


Sherry said...'ve given me something to think about (perhaps to collage about!!) hamlet of contentment!!! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimbo! I LOVE the Hamlet of Contentment! And the crooked little house is just TOO cute... what did you use to make this? It looks like pastels... very, very cool! Thank you, too, for the very kind words on my calligraphy posting... I'm so glad you liked it, and grateful you took the time to leave a comment!

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Kathy ! I am not sure if I am supposed to reply here or on your blog ! Still a newbie, you know ! I created my crooked house by first doing a drawing on thin paper and outlining with a permanent pen. Then I used watercolor pencils to add color and re-drew details in afterwards. It was then glued on to the background which was just a page of my journal I had splashed paint onto sometime earlier. I am so glad you liked it(I am very fond of it myself !) and very thrilled that you have checked back ! Thanks !