Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Little Bird with a Big Song

This is a collage piece I did about a year ago; a self-portrait of sorts. I often feel like this little bird, bursting with a song I want to share but not always sure the world is ready to hear me. I have decided that I want to sing out loud anyway. Maybe some birds of a feather will hear the song and join in. That would be great because that is my real goal in starting this blog - to find a sense of community in my art. I have been visiting and getting inspired by so many great talented artists out here in blog land but have yet to put myself out there. Hello Blogland, Kimbo is here.


Anonymous said...
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Faces said...

I can't wait for spring either!

Dark mornings are no fun.

Marit said...

And Hello Kimbo!!! We're talking 2012 now, and I'm so glad you started blogging waaaaay back here (and glad that I myself started blogging a little later - November 2008...) Birds of feather we found - more than we ever could imagine! I'm glad I found you, soulsis!