Friday, May 30, 2008

Girls Artsy Getaway Weekend

My bags are packed...
So my friend Sonia and I are off for a weekend at her family "Camp" on Lake Winnipesaukee. We Canadians call this a cottage, but my sweet friend from Maine calls it a "camp". Sonia is a relatively new friend who I met through a class I taught at Talk Paper Scissors here in Manchester. We share a love of all arts/craft supplies as well as a love of nature, so this weekend should be just up our alley !
Sonia has been wanting to get more "artsy" in her creative pursuits and wants to give art journals a try. I was so happy to share all that I know and I am excited to see what she creates in this safe and inspiring setting ! And hey, I have a friend to play with in person! Yippee !
I have packed up half my studio and filled a box and a big bag with art journal supplies, inspirational books and mags and whatever else wanted to jump in. We should have all we need to play the weekend away ! The weather isn't supposed to be too great but that's okay 'cause being away, hanging out with a good friend in a cozy cabin by the Lake, with a pile of art stuff, yummy snacks, and a fire place sounds like heaven !!! Oh and maybe a daquiri or two....
I am bringing the camera and will hopefully have some fun shots when I get back ! Have a great weekend, y'all !

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Maj said...

That suitcase looks very promising! I wish I could squeeze into a corner and take part in all that nature and art stuff! Have a great trip!