Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Slightly Scary Monsters - New Journal Pages

I can't believe it has been 7 days since my last post ! The days have flown by. I have noticed that things are pretty quiet in Blogland. I think people must be busy with life and maybe trying to soak up the joys of spring...

I have been really trying to work on the pages of my art journal as I only have 5 pages left to fill. It will be my first completed art journal ever ! I have never filled an entire writing journal either. I usually buy a new one when the whim hits and have several with many blank pages at the end. There is something really special about having this document of filled with my thoughts, dreams, inspiration and my own creative process. I am already feeling a sense of anticipation about it's completion. You can do it, Kimbo !!! See it through to the end !!!

I have also noticed a new trend in my pages these days. In the past, I have used my creative art journal play time to explore beauty, to get away from hurts or ugliness, and even to make positive affirmations for myself (And dang it, people like me ! They really like me !!!). In the past little while, a darker side has been coming out. I am liking it though ! It feels almost like if I fill the page with the "ugly" stuff, then I don't have to carry it around in me so much anymore. Cathartic I guess. And yet, I am finding a real beauty in what is coming out as well. A kind of dark beauty....

Expressing the darker stuff sometimes influences my mood a little too. Today was a sucky day in my head ! I was really angry ! Angry at others, angry at the world, and angry at myself. I am not usually an angry person. I know I don't express my anger very often that's for sure. Sadness, yes but anger, rarely ! I sometimes think I hold all my anger in until I have to have a pissy day like today ! Then tomorrow, I will probably kick myself in the butt and just get over it ! I may have to punch something tonight or yell at the dog or cat a few times, but I really will probably feel better tomorrow ! I thank God for the strength I have to do that. I would hate be be like this everyday !

Here's hoping tomorrow will be better ! And thank God for strong shoes !

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