Monday, May 19, 2008

Lost Wings, Found Feathers

So when I had finished the GPP Street Team Crusade # 20 - Casting Call, I had this beautiful white wing to use for a journal page. I immediately had the image of an angel who had lost one of her wings. This is the journal page I created with the cast.


Then I found an interesting connection to a page I had done a while back using a photo image from a magazine :

I Found A White Feather On My Path Home

I wasn't sure what the feather was all about at the time but that was what the muses sent that day! I did love the end results of this page though. In the original magazine photo, the child had long blond hair and was leaning on a carousel ride. What I liked about it was the posture and position of the figure. I covered the photo lightly with gesso and then painted over it in acrylics, creating this new figure so far from the original.

I knew these two pieces were connected by the white wing and the white feather. These two pieces became the beginnings of a story for me. Here's where I am so far :

An angel in Heaven loses one of her wings because she spends too much of her Heavenly time wishing she could be back on Earth. By the time the wing falls back to the ground, all that is left is one white feather. On Earth, there is a child who is full of sorrow about how dark the world has become. One day, the child finds a white feather on her path home. She thanks the angels above for the beautiful gift. She makes a vow to use her gift to bring as much heavenly light into her world as she can. The angel in Heaven receives a new wing and realizes that her wish has come true. Part of her is now back on Earth, and will live on through the angelic acts of this little girl. The Angel and her loss, the little girl and her dark sorrow, and the fall of the White Wing were all a part of the Plan.

Hope you enjoyed story time ! Happy Monday !


michelle ward said...

Kim - wow! Thanks for showing us how you incorporated the wing cast onto a piece. And thanks for sharing with us the connection and the story. Very cool!

Rosie said...

Kim - you have an abundance of talent! I loved the wing cast, but your atory and the way you've connected the pages is great. I wish I could draw as well as you... *sighs*!

Anonymous said...

I love it when there's synergy and serendipity like this! Your new page with the casting and the story that accompanies it are both beautiful and touching.

mcdc3s said...

That is one cool wing!

Anonymous said...

Kimbo - Fantastic!! You are a very talented artist. - Nicki

Ursula Clamer said...

WOW! Great journal page for the wing and I love how you have connected the two pieces. A beautiful story.