Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Who You are Makes A Difference and Synchronicity

So this morning I had just finished creating my first ever piece of mail art that I wanted to send to my neice Jessica. We had had a lovely girl's night together last week and I wanted to let her know how much it meant to me. What better way than with some fun and funky art work and a note inside telling her what a beautiful, funny, sweet and brilliant young woman she is. In the bottom right hand corner, I had included a little square with the quote "Who I Am Makes a Difference" that I had found somewhere along the way.

Front of Jessie's Mail Art Envelope


Then I checked my e-mail and my sister Natalie (Jessie's mom) had sent me the wonderful and touching video (below) called " Who You Are Makes a Difference." I immediately tried to pick up the phone and call her to share the synchronicity of it all but she wasn't around ! Still , the video made me cry and feel wonderful about this world and most of all, made me want to reach out and honor someone for just being who they are. I guess I had kind of already done that with the note to Jessie but that video made me want to do that some more !!! I had a nice ladies lunch with my dear friend Lois and when I got back I checked out some of my favorite blogs. This is when the synchronicity got especially juicy and especially incredible for me.

Jennifer at The Stumbly Diva honored me on her blog for just being who I am ! She wrote that I had inspired her to "explore a more nurturing creative path". You cannot imagine just how honored that made me feel ! I mean, how often do you get told that you have inspired someone ? It really made me feel like who I am makes a difference ! What a great gift !

The whole thing has just kind of blown me away with how when things are good, they are very, very good, indeed ! I hope you are inspired to honor someone today ... it really does make a difference !


FAQ said...

Well that was very touching, I just sent it via email to some dear friends and family. I loved it thanks for sharing. And, by the way, Who You Are Does Make a Difference.

FAQ said...

and i forgot to mention that I love your mail art!

Leah said...

the envelope is totally gorgeous, kim!! love it!! and of course, i love the synchronicities. :-)