Friday, November 21, 2008

The Holidays are Coming ! - New Stuff in the Etsy Shop

So I have some new stuff in the Queen of Arts Studio Etsy shop as of this morning. And guess what ? Everything new is under $10.00 ! Some great holiday gift ideas for teachers, work mates, gift exchanges or hostess gifts. I have also extended my opening special of free shipping on any of the bamboo tile necklaces until the end of the month.

I have put together some really cute sets of note cards using prints of my own original artwork :

(A Little Birdy Told Me - notecards in sets of 4)

(The Subject is Love - notecards in sets of 4)

There is also my fun and yummy smelling "Soaps with Sweaters" - Felted Exfoliating Glycerin Soaps

And last but certainly not least, I have decided to make my Rock My World rocks available in the shop. I will not be making any profit off of the rocks. I would love to be able to ship them out anywhere for free but I can't afford to do that right now. The price is set to cover my shipping and packaging costs. Several people have asked me to get some of the rocks so I am so happy to have them available !!! I love the idea of spreading the love adventure around !

(BTW - Lulu from my pink turtle sent me an email telling me that her friend Nadine in Paris received her Rock My World rock and proceeded to take it to the top of the Eiffel Tower and leave it there for the next person to find !!!!! The top of the Eiffel Tower ! My little old rock ! How Cool Is THAT ??? Blows me away !!!! Completely!!!)

So that's it for the advertising ! I am very proud of everything I put in there. I know how supportive and encouraging my blog pals can be. I appreciate that so very, very much !

Happy Friday ! I hope (the Eiffel tower!!!) you have a (Can you believe it ???) magnificient and (Kim's rocks - in Paris, France!) monumental weekend ! (gees !)


Anonymous said...

Kim- your shop additions look so delicious!! Your note cards in particular...really tasteful! Have a great weekend :)

Jennifer said...

So cool! *Squealing with excitement* !!!!

Karin Bartimole said...

I LOVE that you rocked the top of the Eiffel Tower!! Cool indeed! Your Subject of Love cards are beautiful, and soaps with sweaters cracks me up - you are quite clever, on top of creative, sensitive, loving, generous and ever so Queenly :)

Sarah said...

mate, if I had found a rock that said "ask for more" 20 years ago,it would have TOTALLY changed my life.

You are doing good work.

keep it up

Anonymous said...

That is so COOL!! about your "rockin' the Eiffel Tower! I am loving all your goodies - the note cards, magnets, soap, rocks, and especially the "Love" themed stuff. All of it is wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by and always leaving me sweet, supportive comments on my blog. xoxo Serena

FAQ said...

That is sooooo cool, the Eifel tower.....girl you are "rockin" the world! Hugs!

Melissa said...

YAY - I received the mermie necklace. I can't wait to wear it out somewhere!! That notecard (I got the second one) is lovely. My daughter saw it and said it is beautiful (and she's a teenager - you know how hard it is to please them ;). Loving the hands making a heart! I saw those felted soaps. What a fabulous idea!! They look good enough to eat. And the rocks - purely awesome. Thank you, your Queen'ness. :bow:

What a fantastic happening - your rock at the top of the Eiffel Tower!!!!!!!!!!!!! How simple is it? Pretty. But at the same time, TERRIFICLY SPIRITUAL! I love simple things that are absolutely GRAND!! It's an experience in your life that they're all talking about in the great beyond. I believe that deeply. And when you get up there, they're all going to cheer! If I'm there before you, I'll be one of them.

~Oh so totally HOORAY FOR YOU, KIM~

Anne said...

Very cool! What a great story! :-)