Thursday, November 6, 2008

Seven is a Swan a-Swimming and Three Bags Full (of Rocks)

So I have been feeling a lot like this :

(Art Journal page - "I got off the train at the wrong station, and I don't think they speak my language here."

I even tried speaking another language but still didn't get a response I recognized.

("Excuse me, Miss, where is the station ?")

Then I visited Karin's incredibly beautiful blog, BEYOND WORDS, and learned that I need to give some special tender love and care to my 7th Chakra, The Crown Chakra, symbolized by this beautiful creature :

Art Journal Page - "Viola was a visionary Queen."- 7th Chakra

I plan to spend the day working on giving myself some loving and on building some strength of vision, just like Viola is doing for her babies...

In "Rock My World" News - I got Three Bags Full

So I am heading up to Montreal this weekend. Hard to believe but it has already been a month since my last visit. I have one little bag of Rock My World rocks for Andrea, my sweet and dear friend who was my first ever customer at the Queen of Arts Studio Etsy Shop ! She is an elementary school teacher and I know she will enjoy spreading the love around her school environment.

My mom also called and requested some more rocks. She is a receptionist and enjoys handing them out to the people she comes in contact with at work. My mom let me know that her friend/boss Shelly had put in a special request as well. Shelly really wanted some rocks, like a whole bag full - sixty or so, but she really insisted on paying me something for them.

So far I have not liked the idea of taking money for the rocks at all. The intention behind them is spreading the love and somehow putting a price tag on them didn't sit well with me. But since Shelly insisted, I have decided to go with the idea of donating any money I get from the sale of the Rock My World rocks to a cause that I feel could use some extra love.

For me, that goes back to my teaching roots. I know how hard teachers and students struggle to find money to fund interesting and worthwhile projects in their schools. That is why I have decided to contribute to the Once Upon A School Challenge, where the money I donate will go directly to funding a project designed by teachers and students together. Shelly and I will both be giving some extra love to a special classroom project !

Keep on Rocking Me Baby !


Karin Bartimole said...

Hi Kim,
I love your journal pages, and honoring to your crown chakra. I am touched that my animal inspiration for the 7th chakra swam her way into your own - Viola is a most elegant visionary guide!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kim, this quote is perfect. What a week it's been here. I just want my train to stop already! I need some rest, but the darn thing keeps chugging along. Love these pages!

Anne said...

I like your journal pages! I know what you mean about feeling different and like everyone else is from another planet. It happens to all of us sometimes ... but I hope the feeling passes.

Love the rocks! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Kim, these journal pages are amazing!! I love every one of them! So beautiful. And the kindness rocks are great. I've been meaning to make some to hand out as part of 29 Days of Giving Challenge.

On another note, I have to say "Tag, you're it!" I've tagged you on my blog to partake of this little "Tell 6 Secrets About Yourself" tag. (If you're not into this, you totally don't have to do it. I just had to tag 6 others in response to my being tagged).

Jennifer said...

Hi there! So nice to be back!!! Your journal page is so beautiful and so speaks what I've been feeling ;0) I have yet to email you my one simple thought/question about the rocks because even small things seem so big to me right now, but I love them and I know why people want to pay for them. They ave such a bog, transcendent (sp?) energy!

Christy said...

These rocks are very cool. I know someone that I think would really love giving these away at their office. In fact I know two someone's. So I didn't see them on your etsy shop, I'm guessing that is because you are donating the funds? Let me know as I am very interested in gifting these to two someone's in my life who I know will use them to brighten up the world around them by treating them to others!

Christy said...

So silly me I didn't realize the rocks were on the same post as the journal pages. I love love these journal pages. Today I definitely felt like I didn't speak the language (at work) and was so frustrated. Then I see these pages and I don't feel alone at all! Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hey girlfriend! You are SO awesome! LOVE what you are doing with the rocks, and love even more that you're donating that money to such a great cause! See, the love just keeps on going round and round and round, doesn't it?!? It was great seeing your comment on my "Sheila" post... thanks much! xoxo

michelle ward said...

kim - i always enjoy seeing your pages and your message rocks are FABULOUS. the whole idea is genius and generous. stealth love left around town - inspired!

*jean* said...

I'm so glad you came over for a visit! Your journal pages are really fabulous! Your sense of humor is delightful and I'm happy to "meet" you! I love rocks and always have pockets full....great idea to spread the love...I'm adding you to my blog roll so I can visit you again!!


~*~Patty S said...

Chakras and Swans = be still my heart! These pages are really fabulous! I found you over at Jean's Bluebirds in the Meadow and wanted to say how much I admire your artwork. You also have gorgeous rocks in NH :)