Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Following My Northern Star...

So my sister calls me up and says "Listen to this." So I listen... What do I hear ? I hear the music of Kate. She is cooing and "da-da-da"-ing and then laughing to herself. My heart is melting, crying really, to see and hear her make those noises in person.

Then, the kicker !

My sister send me these, telling me she is trying my photoshoot technique outside in the snow :

Now keep in mind, it is December 2nd and I am still thinking about how I wish I could go out and take a dip in the pool in between making stuff for the Etsy shop. (Pool has been taken down since Sept.1). I have bought exactly two gifts so far - one on line and one because I had a coupon to use at the craft store.

I haven't made myself a beautiful advent calendar like I have been wanting to do.

I haven't finished the ornaments I wanted to add to the Etsy shop a week ago.

I haven't brought Christmas decorations up from the basement.

I haven't made Christmas cards.

I haven't even thought about baking.

Not to mention, Tim Holtz is doing his "12 Tags of Christmas" this week with fantastic giveaways everyday and I will miss it all if I go away to to my sister's house two hours north of Montreal where Dial-Up Internet is still the Vogue !

Does all of this stop me from dropping everything and packing my bags up to hit the road to see that Sweet Baby Girl ????

Nope !

Life is too short and that Baby is growing too fast ! Got to go where my heart takes me.

The real meaning of Christmas for me is sharing love with your family and friends. I figure by heading up there today and sharing the love with that kid (not to mention her mom, her brother, her dad and all the other great people I will see while I am there !), I am actually putting myself out in front in the Christmas race...

Oh, you mean, it is NOT a race ??? My bad !;-)

Talk to you Sunday when I get back from getting the best gifts of the season !


Melissa said...

GO GO GO! Life is for LIVING!!! The rest is just the sprinkles on top. ;)

What a totally aaaaaadorable baby!

~Snow Babies~

Sarah said...

she is gorgeous!!!

and well done on winning the top hat pick!

Anonymous said...

aaaaawwwww so beautiful! she is so adorable! follow your heart sista!!!

safe travels and have a fabulous trip!!!


Genie Sea said...

What an adorable angel! I would be packing my bags too. All the chores that we put on ourselves during this season has reduced Christmas into a huge "To Do" list. It's so great that you have your priorities right!

Have a safe and enjoyable visit! :)

Karin Bartimole said...

Amen Queenie :) You definitely have your priorities lined up perFECTly!! What a beautiful, adorable, precious little life you are going to get to spend time with. Enjoy your loved ones,

Jennifer said...

Have so much fun. Your niece is sooooooo so sweet!

Amber said...

What a beautiful baby! Snuggle her really good and kiss those sweet cheeks. Have a blessed visit.

arlene said...

You are a wise one "Auntie" Kim! I would go too, for that little face and a smile! You will be blessed far more than if you spend your time in a mall!
xo arlene

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and welcome back! How ADORABLE this cutiepie with the sweetest smile! Thanks for your congrats to me, and for entering my giveaway! And good luck to you!

FAQ said...

Oh, she is a doll....a precious little doll....You should make a recording and let us hear her laughing and cooing. I got your Diva magnets. Lovely. great packaging too. I love what you do. Hugs. Thanks.

deb did it said...

precious in pink...nothing cuter! Have fun with your new Rebel...just got mine, but still using my old Cybershot...too lazy to switch!!Your photos are beautiful.