Monday, December 8, 2008

So In Love with You, Baby ! and Some Christmas Alterations

Hey there ! I am back ! Man, being away from Blogland for 4 or 5 days sure means a lot of catch up when you get back ! You guys have all been up to such creative stuff ! And the pace of the holidays is rolling into high gear, it would seem. I don't think I could ever catch up so I have really decided to give up trying. It will be what it will be... I give myself permission to do things in Kim Time and not feel guilty about it !

So, I am completely and totally in :

(art journal page- December 08)

******** CAUTION ******** Baby Photos Alert !!!***********************

How could I not, though ? Check out some of the many faces of Kate :

She wakes up singing...

She is The Princess of Wet Raspberries !

She has discovered her innner voice and uses it full force whenever possible !

She has happily mastered the fine art of choosing
Cheerios over mango chunks with delicate fingers.

She has great taste in music - her favorite right now is
"If You Are Happy and You Know It" !

But this Baby is not all fluff !
She has her serious moments of deep thought too.

But it's that sense of humour that gets me every time !
(I dare you to not giggle out loud when you look at this shot !)

Okay, that's done ! Baby Photo Alert is now over !

(feel free to grab this image if you want it - it is a free sample from Dover)

So I have been asking around and it would seem that I am not the only one that is not feeling the Christmas Season as per usual this year. I honestly think this is a very good thing. I think that between the scary economy we are dealing with and the scary world in general, many of us are feeling the need to get back to what is real and what is important. What could be bad about that ?

This will be reflected in the decorating, the gift buying and the tradition building in our house this year for sure ! I used to be pretty Martha-esque in the old days, but this year, I am especially conscious of only doing what brings me real joy.

A little tree, a few strings of white lights on the pines trees in our front yard, and a little shrine to the season on the hutch. A few evenings with eggnog and spiced rum as cocktails will set the mood too. Candles and some gentle Christmas tunes to create by will make my nest a cozy place to winter...

David and I will even be skipping the usual Christmas Eve 6 hour drive up to Montreal and actually spend our first Christmas alone together at home in 8 years of marriage. We will head up and have a Boxing Day Bonanza of Family Fun for the whole weekend after the 25th. (Tobogganing, potluck meals and lots of time with the wonderful nieces and nephews !). My two sisters and I are so excited about the extended time we will have together and the fact that we no longer have to run around trying to make every one else happy ! Taking away that pressure to make it all "perfect" on that one day is the best gift to our family we can give and we intend on maiking it a new tradition !

Our only extravagance, (and I mean extravagance !!!!!) is the gift what David and I bought for ourselves as a couple this year. Now keep in mind that we don't have kids. And that we have been married for 8 years as of this December 30th. Remember that and try to keep your jealousy at bay when I tell you that we bought this :

SANTA BABY !!!!!!!!

along with all the bells and whistles, two additonal lenses and the case, a great deal on Cyber Monday !!!! (Way to Go, Computer Geek Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire !!!) I am so excited ! Just wait to see what Katie Photos come out like with this baby !!!!
Our new addition, Rebel Rebel, as I call it ( love Bowie !!), will play a central part in the festivities on Christmas day too. David and I are planning a special Christmas photoshoot outing on the day, taking Rebel for a test drive !!! I am thinking Elf Hats for us ( David will so love an elf hat ! ;-)) and maybe reindeer antlers for the Chica-Dog ?!
Are you altering your Holiday Season this year ? I hope whatever you do, that it is a magical one full of memory-making moments !


Anonymous said...

YAY kim!!! that camera is FABULOUS!!! i know, i have it too!!! YAY YAY YAY!!! ha ha ha!!!

glade to hear that you will be having a more joyful holiday season doing what is truly in your heart. i have pledge a mostly handmade x-mas and will be decorating with only handmade ornaments and such. my little daughter is loving this as she can play with everything (i have made them all toddler proof unlike all the decorations and ornaments you buy in the stores). i truly think we can reclaim the holiday spirit by doing and celebrating what feels right... what is in our hearts. family, love, good food, and sharing, to me makes the holidays truly special. thank you for this beautiful post!

have a beautiful monday evening!!!

peace and blessings

Anonymous said...

No need to justify your awesome gift to yourselves, I'm totally sure you fully deserve it! Happy 8-year Anniversary in advance! Your niece is a doll with the most gorgeous eyes and sweetest smile. Sounds like a perfect plan you've got lined up for the holidays. No worries, just a laid back, good 'ol time with the immediate family. You're doing it the right way in giving yourself permission to go about things at your own pace. xoxo Serena

LuLu Mypinkturtle said...

Bonjour Kim! Your little Katie is so sweet, she looks like a little yummy pastrie! Noel here is quiet, we are a small family and we get together with my parents and my brother and the kids at our place on Christmas night to share time together. It is simple, joyful and an easy day to go through... I am so glad we do not have to drive hours to get with tons of family members where people start arguing after they have had a few drinks too much! Passe une bonne semaine, Kim! LuLu

Anonymous said...

Now that is one yummy baby! Thank you for sharing all this adorableness. My youngest niece and nephews are now in the 2-3 year old range, still precious, but growing up SO fast. And we won't even go into my own towering "baby" whose previously cute toes are now men's size 11. Grab all that baby goodness while you can, I say!

And hurrah to you for finding the true spirit of the season. Your plans sound perfect.

Leslie Rubio said...

So happy to have found your blog.

That camera looks fantastic-I so want a new camera myself. Your sis's baby Kate is awesome-love all the expressions!

Oh, and about LOVE, that's what it's all about-do what you want to do for Christmas-feel the joy of Love and spread it all around!


Melissa said...

Kim time - I like that. What a cute and happy lil baby! Congrats on the camera!! YAY Santa!

I think relaxing on Christmas is a wise thing to do. People end up running all over the place and not enjoying any of it. Not us man, we stay home. We don't speak to most of our family, so we don't have to put up with them creating drama bs on our holidays, nor do we have to deal with them not being happy about our non-presence. The three of us have a better time home alone. There's more laughing and less fighting. Now, to me, that's a holiday!!


Karin Bartimole said...

Welcome home Kim,
That is simply a beautiful baby - delightful to be tickled by via your pictures! You can see the unadulterated joy she exudes, and it transfers right into my heart!!

Congratulations on your new camera - it's a gift to us all, since I know it will have you sharing more beautifully than eve :)

And what a peaceful sounded way to spend your holidays this year. My husband and I have been doing the same for a number of years, saving our family visits for quieter times of the year, when we can really enjoy our time with them, free of the holiday pressures. That leaves quiet, leisurely, day long pajama wearing laziness for us on Christmas day!! Enjoy the simplicity with love,

arlene said...

w00t!! That is one pretty baby! The camera is great too! It sounds like a pretty ideal Christmas season to me. I don't feel the pressure this year. Last year was crazy and we had so much stuff going on in our family...illness and worry and sadness and goodbyes...this year that pressure is gone, and really(!)...what does it matter if I don't DO everything or buy everyone the perfect gift? I am enjoying the things you wrote about here, simple lights, music, eggnog and cookies with the kids. We watched A Christmas Story on Sunday, and honestly, it gets funnier every year! We need to remember to hold on to our loved ones and kiss our babies and help bring a little joy to others. This one life is precious and F-R-A-G-I-L-E. (Yup, that's Italian!) LOL

xo arlene

Genie Sea said...

Welcome back! I am sure you had a fantastic visit. Look at the angel you spent time with. She is beyond gorgeous. It took a while of drooling and dreamy eyed wonder to focus on the rest of your post. :) She is truly a gem.

Doesn't taking the pressure off make the holidays even more special? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness that little granddaughter is something else! I reminds me of you when you were her age. Same smile and joyful disposition. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Loving you,

Judy Wise said...

I'm trying to let go of the Christmas expectations too but it is hard. On the other hand, I did have enough energy to get a Rebel Rebel for myself over a week ago and I love it. It can see better than I can - ha ha. Wishing you all the best. xo