Monday, December 8, 2008

Susan Tuttle's Exhibition 36 Book Giveaway Contest

So by now so many of you must have seen the wonderful book recently released by the talented and beautiful Susan Tuttle, Exhibition 36 - Mixed Media Demonstrations and Explorations now available on Amazon and in bookstores.
It is the Number 1 Book on my Christmas List !!! Please Santa ! I have been a good little artist all year !
Anyhow, Susan has a book giveaway contest right now on her blog Ilka's Attic and just in case Santa has other plans for me, I wanted to have my chance at winning this wonderful work of art.
If you are unfamiliar with Susan's work, you really should check out her blog to see the wonderful things she is up to, including the book and her digital, mixed media and photography work. She writes magical and moving posts, and she has the best taste in studio play time music around ! She is also one of the kindest and most sincere commentors I have ever had the pleasure of having visit my blog. Basically, I love this awesome artist chick !!!!
Good luck to all the contest participants ! And Susan, I wish you all the success and bliss this life has to offer!


Sherry said...

My copy arrived yesterday (finally!!) -- I pre ordered in the summer and OMG -- it is GOOD!!!!

June said...

Will certainly check it out :) Just found yours and i am very impressed and will be here often no doubt
Hugs June x

Melissa said...

Thanks for reminding me of this fab blog. There are so many that I've marked, but haven't gotten a chance to list on my blog.

I hope you win!

~Christmas Cookies~

Jennifer said...

Hey there! Taking a break from the work whirlwind/madness to say hi! That book looks awesome and your little niece...oh my gosh! She's so precious. I'll have to visit the blog you referenced...

Anonymous said...

oh wow thanks for this kim!!! with so many super blogs out there i sometimes forget about some... hee hee!!!

good luck to you!!!