Monday, December 1, 2008

Give-away winner and a Heart-Felt Weekend

Welcome to the month of December ! I am still feeling like this season is rushing me on big time, but it is gradually getting a bit better. I am good as long as I keep things going at my own pace and avoid giving into the crazy mad dash towards .... towards I don't know what, but it sure seems like the world is in a hurry to get there...

Anyhow, this weekend was a great girlfriend time. My friend Suzanne was here from Thursday night until yesterday morning and we had a good mix of girlie/arty things going on, like usual.

Suzanne is an artist too. She says she is more of an art technician but she does have a fantastic eye that she doesn't always give herself credit for. She does beautiful stain glass pieces, sews wonderfully and has also gotten into the fiber arts, felting her heart out all over the place. I asked her for a felt scarf for my birthday back in October but she suggested that we make it together this weekend and that's what we did !
Friday afternoon, after the crazy morning crowds, we headed to a wool and yarn shop Suzanne found nearby and bought some gorgeous wool fibers. Saturday am we started the designing process. After about 4 hours of wet felting, rolling the fibers into felt, and at least a pound of candy to keep us going, my beautiful 6 ft long felt scarf was done ! Check it out :

The colors in these pretty crappy photos read more blue than the turquoise the scarf really is (damn flash, no sunlight for photos in NH today !) but it is just beautiful and oh so cozy ! I love how the flowers turned out so watercolor-ish and also how the synthetic wool fibers for the stems added such great texture ! Thanks again, so much, Suzy ! I love it !!!

I also did some needle felting as Suzy rolled our scarf-sushi for a few hours. I used a foam (washed) ball of Chica's and created this cute felt bowl, perfect for your change :

your jewelry :

or your rocks :

and it's even cuter with a twin !

Not only that but it won't break into a million pieces if you drop it on your tile floor ! Guess what a few of my friends may be getting for Xmas ?

And now an important announcement :

The cutest Computer Geek in the land has chosen and

the Winner of the 100th Post Give-Away is :

Lesley at the Funky Art Queen !!! Yay !!! Lesley chose the "Diva" magnets from my Etsy shop as her prize, wanting a couple for herself and to share the others with her "diva" friends ! Cool , huh ? Lesley, send me your snail mail address at and I will send you off your prize asap !

Thank you so much for all the wonderful congratulations and encouragement in your comments ! It means so very much too me. This blog and my fantastic blog community are often my bright sunshine on a cloudy day, and for that I am truly grateful !

Let's go forth and conquer December !!! Happy Monday !


Charlie said...

Beautiful scarf Kim! Looks like you had a wonderful time making it with you friend. What a fun way to spend Thanksgiving.

Jennifer said...

I love your scarf and the awesome bowls! On my screen I can see the lovely turqouise :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kim, your felt scarf and bowls are totally delicious! They look so warm and cozy, just the thing since we've just had our first snow here in Southern New England. And the colors! Turquoise and aqua always make me feel happy -- they remind me of Puerto Rico and warmth and sunshine.

I am so glad you got to be my first commenter after my accidentally self-imposed exile. And look at all you've done! One hundred blog posts! Awards! And that great list. From where I'm sitting, it's all mighty impressive and inspiring. You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

oh wow beautiful scarf! so happy to hear you had a very fun weekend!!!

you're so right when you say that so many people are rushing towards something this time of year... but what??? i find that i can enjoy this time of year only when i go at my own pace, like you. no rushy rush... but it is crazy that it's already december... where does the time go! crazy!!!

have a beautiful week

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim, I just saw it on Michelle's blog! Congratulations on being the winner for this months GPP Street Team Crusade!!!

Anonymous said...

I had left you a comment before, but I don't see it now. I was saying how much I LOVE that scarf!! Gorgeous color and designs! And your bowls, too. So cute!

Melissa said...

yum Yum YUM! I always like felted items when I see them. That scarf is fab and so are those bowls. I am sure you look cute and cozy with it curled around your neck.

Congrats Lesley!!!! Enjoy your Queenie magnets.

~Mmmmm felty'ness~

FAQ said...

Oh My! I won I won! I never win....I'm so excited. I know my best diva friends will be too. Pocket full of Prettys and wild over wine will have an extra present in their package from the queen this year. Oh, thanks kim. I was just wondering about this today. Ohhhhh and I love the scarf but for me, I really love the little bowls. Hugs to the other queen.

arlene said...

Your scarf is GORGEOUS! Well done. Congratulations to Funky Art Queen.
xo arlene

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning the crusade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!