Tuesday, July 7, 2009

O Degrees of Separation

"Looking for Love"- art journal page, April 2009

So last night, I had meditation class. We were 5 women plus our magnificent guide, Deb.

Have you ever felt the power of what 6 people all connected on one task in the present moment can have ? It is pretty awesome when you think about it.

When I first started meditation, I was a little worried that it was going to be super spiritual, a little too "granola" for me.

Instead I have found a place where I am so present in the moment and in the company of people who are all looking for the same moments of real living that I am.

I don't really "know" these women, except for Deb, who I have shared a little more time with, and yet by sitting in a circle with them, focusing on our breathing, and focusing on putting love out into the world, I feel such a sense of connection to them.

"We are all connected to everyone and everything in the universe." was the post Amanda shared on kind over matter this morning.

I am so feeling that today.

I am so grateful for that today.

Look for love. You won't have to look very far.

"Thank you for being here, for everything tonight, as always." said the Teacher to her at the end of class as people were slowly leaving the room.

"I missed you." she replied, after having missed two weeks of class.

"I missed you, too." said the Teacher with a smile.

"Can I hug you ?" she asked, feeling kind of like a little child, but with her heart full of wanting to make that connection.

"Of course !" said the Teacher, genuinely joyful.

The hug, tight and pure ! "I love this Lady!" she said to the room. "I love this Lady too!" said the Teacher, making their two hearts touch even more closely.

She felt like she let go too soon. She won't do that next time.

Maybe you can look for ways to strengthen those connections even a little more today. I know I will be.

Big hugs and Blogland Love to you, my beautiful Friends.


Snap said...

We all came from star stuff and to star stuff we will one day return. Hugs, little star!

Sherry said...

I'm smiling at you thinking meditation might have been a little too "granola" for you!! Oh Kim!! That's priceless! But I'm so glad you are enjoying the experience of connectedness and the peace that comes from that. I truly loved the hug story...we don't hug enough, or long enough!!!

And looking for love?? That is one amazing eye, wide open and all seeing, making sure to look everywhere and miss nothing!!

Have a beautiful day...I love that Snap called you "little star"!!! :)

beth said...

I so love that...."kind over matter"....and now I want a t-shirt that says that !

and once again...what a GREAT journal page !

Jennifer said...

Your page is so amazing! I love the houses as sunrays, that is genious...pure, soul-filled genious!

I had to laugh about the meditation class because I've been to one or two and I've tried, but only fell asleep. I've hoped to feel something more than sleepy, but now reading your post, maybe I just haven't found the right class.

I love kind over matter today. I need that so much! hugs :)

Kate Robertson said...


Your class sounded wonderful. I rarely meditate in a group. Your post made it sound valuable to me now.

What a wonderful post I can feel all the contentment you felt.

Have a wonderful day.


DMG said...

I think I've SEEN this piece! I just got back from NY and haven't had time to catch up on your recent work, but I do have an award for you, special friend, when you have a momoent to stop by.


Lo said...

Aha!! Found you!! I've been reading since I got home! I've always thought that to look at your journal is to see your soul and your heart. But that's you, isn't it? I loved that YOUR eyes showed MY sadness when I told you my sadder tales today and I loved that you clapped and cheered and shared my pride in finally 'graduating!' Thanks for always getting me. I shall almost certainly forget to stop by daily, but when I do stop by, you can be sure that I "get you" toooooooo!!
Love you tons!!

Marcyanna said...

Ahhhh! It's been a while since I've meditated in a group but your post reminded me of the joy in doing so! Thanks!

Brandi Reynolds said...

I'm always amazed at the power of people together and focused. sounds like an amazing group! :-)

Genie Sea said...

Hugs Kim! ♥♥

patti said...

It's been a while since I meditated in a group also and yes, it's beautiful and uplifting energy. How good is it to share hugs as well as peaceful vibrations!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

You have such thought provoking and heart warming posts, not to forget your beautiful art. And the sun too! You've had the sun lately.

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! I really like your journal page! Especially the doodles. And what a great message ... to remember that we are all interconnected!

By the way, I've nominated you for a Lemonade Stand Award over on my blog! Hope you'll pop on over and pick it up! :-)