Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Queen is playing !

So the peeps left this morning.

It is soooooo quiet here.

We had a sweet time.

The highlights included snuggle time with Kate and a sheet of heart stickers on my bed this morning - stickers all over us, her forehead against mine, eyes looking into eyes...and the tears that filled mine after at how BIG her love is already at 15 months...

Also some art time with the 6 year old big bro, Thomas, where he drew a big, beautiful picture of his best friend at school, Lee-Ann (don't call her his girlfriend though ! ;) ).

All of us visiting the father-in-law's in-ground pool on Monday night was fun too. Meals came together so easy, and the boys did all of the clean up which was great. All in all, a lovely visit. My sister and her gang are welcome at our Yellow Castle on Orange Street any time !

Wish they were coming back tomorrow....

This afternoon meant reclaiming the house a little, reconnecting with some blog posts from my friends, and then a nice nap back in my own bed. (Yes, I am that nice - I gave up my perfect bed for my guests. It was just easier that way !)

Then I got into a bit of playing in the studio. I did some little Q of A pieces using some play things hanging around my desk. It made me remember how few tools you need to create something pretty cool and something that is all your own.

Took some simple tools...

lying on the desk

added a few minutes of art play time

and made some mini mistress-pieces in no time at all.

Yay for art play !!!!

The Queen will be playing some more tomorrow as I join the re-play of the Buried Treasure fun, hosted once more by the incredible Seth, at the Altered Page. It was such fun the first time round, re-visiting old posts, on so many great blogs, all chosen by the bloggers themselves. Many more people wanted to play, so Seth has launched a second day of play for all of us! Check in tomorrow to see what post I want to dig out and uncover for a second go-a-round ! Then check in with Seth and see what other artists have joined in the digging !


Anonymous said...

the best fun is messing with the bits left on your table.. they all seem to work.

Sherry said...

Having playtime fun with just a few pieces...shows you how creative you truly are!! You proved that with these pieces...and love the bit about Kate with the heart stickers!!! That girl knows love!!!! :)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

It's great to have visitors and just as great to reclaim your space. 'Tis the season to let loose and toss the regular schedule up in the air. How nice of you to relinquish your room - I guess they contained themselves (somewhat) there. I can't believe how much STUFF people travel with. It used to be when my sister visited with her young kids it was clothes and toys all over the place. Now when she visits it's her adult toys - bikes and kayaks oh my! Love is the answer, isn't it?!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I am so jealous. I am doing this all backwards I fear. You make it sound so easy and yet to just play is something I find so hard to do. Come teach me . . . oh wouldn't that be nice? I might give up my bed even. wink wink

Snap said...

How nice that your visit went so well and with loads of LOVE! I'm a very nice person, but I'd never give up my bed! You Go Girl! Enjoyed your playing -- cool art!