Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thankfulness Thursday - We are all connected

I am going to do my best to participate in the Weekly Gratitude year long project of documenting what you are grateful for each week. I settled on Thankfulness Thursdays because I like the alliteration ! ;)

Today I would like to express my gratitude for Connection.

Not so long ago, I was lost in a place of real isolation and loneliness. On a day of desperation, I asked for help from the Universe. I said "Look, I am drowning here. I don't know what I am doing on this planet. Please help me. Tell me what to do."

The unexpected answer came in the form of a video called "girls who rock"(this video is no longer available) on a blog called "The Dancing Mermaid". The video by McCabe showed her and her mermaids warriors, her young girl tribe, joyously learning to be strong and healthy women during a summer creativity camp put together my McCabe. It also showed the girls painting these gorgeous brightly colored rocks with words of inspiration and connection for one another.

After I watched the video a couple of times and cried at its magic and beauty, and told McCabe how incredible I thought she was through a comment on her blog, I was pushed by everything in me to paint some rocks of my own. I actually had a bucket of smooth stones from the beach under my desk waiting for such a project.

The painting of the rocks was one of those experiences when you feel like something, someone else, is working through you. The words and phrases just came pouring out. It still feels that way to this day when I sit down to paint the Rock My World rocks.

Once I had a pile of these lovely rocks, all varnished and full of love, the question came "What do I do with them now ?" The answer came quickly "Go and give them away. Get out of your own head. Do something for some one else." That was the day that the Rock Fairy was born.

I walked to the park and started leaving the rocks on benches. The thing that was filling me up with each rock I left was the thought that my little act of leaving that rock behind was like giving kindness and love to someone else...without expectations, without a need to be recognized, just giving and connecting to someone at a heart level. The giving of that little extra bit of love was filling me back up in return - it was making me feel like I had a purpose in this life. My purpose is to connect to others in love and kindness. I have shared many stories here of how these little bits of love have allowed me to connect to people from all over. They have allowed me to know that I am not alone and that we are all in this together. Those rocks have really made my world better in more ways than I could ever describe to you...

Recently, I told you about a craft fair that I attended and you may remember that I met a young man there who was an art student who needed to do an interview with a stranger for a paper at school. He was drawn to me by the rocks, as I was giving them out and having wonderful exchanges with people at the fair.

Well, I met with Nick at a local bookstore, and he interviewed me. I told him the story of the Rock Fairy and how Rock My World started and what it has brought me, from the heart filled with joy at leaving a rock somewhere for a stranger to find, to receiving the title of Rock Fairy from my friends Michelle and Patti, and so much more. My friend Nick then wrote his paper, handed it in and received an A on it ! His teacher called what he had written "poignant" and "memorable". It was very well written, and best of all, it was done with such respect to my story and what I had shared with him. That really touched me !

Nick also send me a thank you gift of one of his incredible cardboard vessels that now sits fittingly on my altar in the studio, filled with Rock My World rocks. The greatest gift he gave me though, was in his last lines of the email he sent thanking me for my time. The lines read :

"I'm so happy to know you appreciated the story and it warmed my heart to read that you were proud. You are one of the kindest people I've ever met and if I'm ever feeling down, I'll just think of you and how I can do something for somebody else. This project has truly been such a rewarding experience!"

The card from Nick - a beautiful print !

The cardboard vessel - made with precision and an artist's eye.

I have come to realize that connection is what it is all about for me in this life. It is my purpose, my greatest source of joy and comfort, and my motivation for being the best person I can be. The better I love and connect with myself, the stronger and more powerful my connections with others will be.

So on this first Thankfulness Thursday of 2010, I express my gratitude for the beautiful web of connection of our souls and all it brings to us as human beings. I am thankful for it each and every day.

Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !


Sherry said...

Sometimes I read the things you write and my eyes fill. This is one of them.

I'm so pleased for Nick that he received such a wonderful mark on that paper -- and that his teacher recognized this story for what it is -- truth, human interest, human kindness and the ability to touch one another in seemingly simple ways.

The note that Nick gave you along with the gift speaks volumes because it's the truth -- he will always think of you on a day when he's down or someone else is in need of understanding and love.

The cycle continues. We are all connected and you are realizing your potential and reason for being on this asked and now you know. ♥

Anonymous said...

Without each other what have we got.

My connection to you has helped me shine in so many ways.



Sueann said...

Connection and process...two important attributes in our human lives. Congrats to Nick on his well written article and his outstanding grade!! And cheers to you for continuing to follow your heart and give of yourself to all of us.
Thanks and hugs

SE'LAH... said...

this is such an inspiring post. i saw the "spread love" rock and i melted.


khmccreedy said...

Hey girlfriend! What an awesome story, and one that doesn't surprise me about you at all... and Nick's comments about you are right on the mark. What a cool experience for you! Keep on girlfriend, you really do "rock"!!! xoxo

Paula said...

Oh, my, made me laugh out loud with your typepad comment to me this morning, and now, I am sitting here trying not to cry. This is just so lovely, just like you. That cardboard vesses is fantastic; what a talented young man!

henrysmom said...

this is so wonderful. so, thankful thursday, eh? i am truly thankful for you, my BigHearted friend! Linda

Olivia said...

I'm so glad to find out more about the background of the Rock Fairy idea, this is beautiful Kim. An extraordinarily beautiful way for you to live out your purpose! The cardboard vessel Nick made for you is really something, too. I love this post, and am happy that you're starting Thankfulness Thursdays. And to know your purpose; it is inspirational and you are definitely living it! blessing and love, O

Anonymous said...

Kimmy, I just caught up with your blog posts! It warms my heart so much to see the emergence of the beautiful, amazing, talented, kind smart, thoughtful, hard working, innovative, creative and add all the beautiful words you can think of) angel you are. I am so blessed that you are my daughter! and of course, I am thrice blessed as a mom!
Thank you for being who you are. Love you,

LuLu Kellogg said...

How lovely!! You are such a generous soul and I loved hearing how the Rock Fairy started :)

Love to you!

jgr said...

My dear friend,
What a beautiful post! You have a way with words . . . and people. Thank you for sharing with us!


DMG said...

Everything about this post makes me happy, Kim. I've realized this past year that connections are the ultimate art, as well as my hope and strength. My connection with you has been a great source of joy and inspiration, and every comment you leave fills my heart. I wish that I knew this young Nick, and I am glad that he has found a friend in you and spread your story. He sounds like an amazing young man and a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing the story about him. I'm snowed in today and can't get to school, so I guess poor me will have to spend the day in my Attic making art. I hope you have a lovely weekend, dear friend.


A Miraculous Meliss said...

Yay for the Rock Fairy!!

That cardboard bowl made by Nick is fantastic! You're right, such precision - it's not easy to cut cardboard that evenly. It's amazing by itself, but with your rocks and that blue globe - WOW!

~thankful for you and for our connection~

Anonymous said...

I admire your facility of expression my sweet Kim. Words expressed that bring a tear to the reader's eye are a gift of humanity and love. You have been blessed not only for finding yourself, but for the way you touch peoples hearts. I love you and wish you continued inspiration Kimberly.

Uncle Charlie

Sandy Coleman said...

What beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, inspiring post. I teared up when reading Nick's words to you. I do remember you talking about having met him at that craft show! What he wrote is so true. In the little bit of time I've know you thus far, and never even having spoken in person, you have been, and continue to be, one of the biggest inspirations to me in remembering the joy and playfulness within and spreading that around us in any way we can. I will enjoy following your Thankful Thursday posts and, I'm sure, gain alot from your words and insights along the way. Big love your way! Serena

beth said...

and we thank you for rocking our world with your love and honesty and humor....

and, well, and of course, ummmm YOUR ROCKS !

love you my huge hearted rock fairy you...
fairy fairy
bo berry
banana fanna fo fairy
me my mo merry

jingle said...

Your Rocks Rock,
So do your post.

You are never alone facing those universal moments, stay in touch, keep mediating and reading, getting to know nature and the gift of God...

bless you.

Outstanding post.

Anonymous said...

It IS all about connection. Blessings on your head, Rock Fairy.

breathe as me said...

simply beautiful, Kim... to be grateful is to give, something you so lovingly teach all of us all the time...


Lorraine said...

I am glad that you are still giving away the rocks..those words might bring a lot of comfort to a stranger who may be having a bad the saying get back 10 fold what you give dancing sounds cool (I always get a lot of creative ideas in my head after the peace and calm of a yoga class)

Leslie said...

Sweet Kim, I was fortunate to be one of your cabin-mates at last fall's SAW, and I treasure the Rock My World rocks and the wonderful stuffed and painted bird that hangs in my studio window because we had this connection. You are a beacon -- a shining light who reaches out to everyone in your range.
Connection. Yes, you connector. Carry on.


Roberta said...

I loved your post, Kim! Your rocks were what drew me to your blog...the rock message in your hand was what I needed to see that very day, and it spoke volumes, right into my heart! I ordered a set of my own...and told you my story, and when I got the rocks you made for me, I started putting them around the house, to remind me to "Choose Joy" and "Break the Pattern"...your tiny rocks bring large rewards! And your message of kindness that you share on this blog is a lovely reminder for us to be kind every day.
I thought of you today...the lady in line ahead of me, needed 86 cents more to pay for her juice with her meal. I pulled out a dollar and paid for it. She thanked me, and I said, "this is just a random act of kindness" and when she asked about repaying, I said, just pass something on to someone else who needs it when you can. When it was my turn to pay our own meal, the lady at the counter gave us our drinks for free, for paying for the lady ahead of me :-) See...kindness begets kindness, and that is a something that you remind us of often.

Happy day to you, Kim!

Anonymous said...

Kim - I feel so very lucky to have connected with you. My life is fuller for it and I learn something more about myself and this shared journey we're all on every time I read your blog. You are a true gift and I am grateful to know you.


arlene said...

Kim, this just warms my heart all the way through. What a privilege for both you and Nick that the universe brought you together. Spreading an attitude of love and kindness with such generosity and consciousness is a powerful way to affect change in the world. Don't ever take your calling lightly my friend. You ooze love.
(I know "ooze" is a weird word, but hey, it fits!! LOL)

fairyrocks said...

I love that you share your Love Rocks !!

HeARTworks said...

Hi! Thought you might like to read this lady's story after she found a rock with "hope" on it.

Asta Lander said...

This is so timely. I stumbled upon you via Patti's page. I have a bag of rocks and a pen (I dragged them out just before Christmas)They have been waiting for me to do something with them for a very long time. I feel inspired. I love that once you had the idea the words just flowed. So good to read of someone who is following their creative following. You make a difference! Asta x

Jane LaFazio said...

oh yes, I know that you do the rocks for Patti and it's a fabulous project. thank you!!