Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankfulness Thursday - Buried Treasure - I Have A Choice

Today is July 15th and I am participating in The Buried Treasure project organized by Seth at The Altered Page. We are revisiting a favorite post from the past year and offering it up to our readers to check it out a second time.

This post was originally from February 2010 and I decided to re-post it as I like the mix of Queen of Arts philosophy, Rock My World love and the lovely bits of art making towards the end of the post.

It is a Thankfulness Thursday post too which works kind of well !

I hope you enjoy revisiting my little treasure from the past !

Happy Thursday, beautiful Ones!

I Have A Choice...

Any of you who know a Libra,

or who know me in particular,

are aware that making choices isn't always easy for me.

But I have to say that

I am always grateful that I have a choice.

In each and every minute

of each and every day,

I have a choice.

You do too.

How lucky and blessed are we

that we are made this way ?

Now, do we always make the "right" choice ?

No way !

But you know what is great ?

In the next minute, we could choose again !

So awesome.

This morning I am grateful for choice.

I chose to start my day with a big glass of water and a bit of stretch.

I chose to start my day singing a song of Thankfulness .

I chose some of my Rock My World Rocks to set my intentions for the day.

In short,

this morning,

I chose joy.

What are you going to choose ?

(For another great post today about Choice, check out my lovely Seeker friend Kelley's blog, Dragonfly Reflections.)

And now, I hope you choose to look at these amazing sewn papers I created yesterday !!!!

I am so in love with them !!!!

I was inspired by my friend Corrine at dosfishes , who showed me her own crazy sewn papers at Squam last Fall, as well as a post on IHanna's blog about sewing striped papers.

I needed some awesome stuff to create my postcards for the Postcard Swap that Hanna is hosting. (Still a little time to join in ! Imagine getting postacrds from all over the world in your mailbox !)

So I got out the gel medium, the painted paper scraps, and some regular old photocopy paper

and went to town gluing random shapes of the painted papers onto the photocopy paper with the gel medium.

Then I left it all to dry for awhile, fearing what the damp gel medium would do to my sewing machine !

Then I chose black thread for the bobbin and the top thread and went for it !

My final step was to take my Caran D'arche water Soluable crayons and fill in the grout lines, if you will, or the space between the cut up pieces, smearing the color in with some water on a paintbrush afterwards.

On the striped piece above I also took my black and white Elmer's paint Pens and added some scribble writing.

I am so in love with this sheet that I think I may just frame it pretty much as it for a gorgeous piece of art! Too pretty to cut up !

That may be my choice. :)

Or I could always choose to make up another batch for the postcards and keep all of these lovelies for me !

We shall see.

Don't you just love the possibilties ?

May you find the strength to choose joy today, Beautiful Ones !

Happy Thursday !

(Check out the Weekly Gratitude Blog to see what others are doing for this year long project )


Cheryl Connell said...

oooo, I want to try this too Kim! It seems so daunting to put paper to sewing machine though, when I am only used to fabric.

Some day!


LuLu Kellogg said...

These papers are beautiful!

I am a Libra too and I always have a hard time making up my mind!


jgr said...

Hi Kim,
I love your papers! Oh they are so cool! I also enjoyed your words about choice-I needed that today.

beth said...

I love the sewn pages....I haven't made any of them in so long and now you make me want to grab my sewing machine and play all afternoon....

and as far as choices....well I made one today...a big really expose myself on my blog....yikes !

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Those are gorgeous, gorgeous papers. So inspiring, I think I might try it out. Living in choice, a great concept and yet not so easy to apply. Thanks for reminding me.

martha brown said...

These sewn papers are great, Kim! And congrats for winning one of Alisa Burke's hearts!!!

Sueann said...

Love the papers!!!! And the sewing really adds to them. Well done! And so colorful! I chose happiness today...same as joy!!! And because of that, I am having a fantastic day!

Kate Robertson said...

I love your papers Kim, they are so full of energy. When I made mine I just did stripes and thought the next time I might make some more like a patchwork and here you have done it. What a great idea. I think this idea of sewing scraps for pages has endless possibilities.

I am thankful for you, my friend on this Thursday. I like the idea of choosing Joy too. How about Joyful Thursday....


Kate Robertson said...

I love your papers Kim, they are so full of energy. When I made mine I just did stripes and thought the next time I might make some more like a patchwork and here you have done it. What a great idea. I think this idea of sewing scraps for pages has endless possibilities.

I am thankful for you, my friend on this Thursday. I like the idea of choosing Joy too. How about Joyful Thursday....


Randi said...

I always like your posts, but I loved this one! Where did you get those cool colored hands? And did you see that you won one of Alisa Burk's hearts? You are one lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Your sewn papers remind me of Miro paintings, especially the first one,
be careful - it is addicting.....

iHanna said...

Thanks for link love and inspiration Kim, your creations are Oh so Yummy! Mmmm, I want to cuddle those papers... ;-)

Paula said...

Oh, these papers are delicious! Would you believe that we just got back from Joanne's so I could buy thread? So that I can pull my new machine out of the box and figure it out? I mean, if I'm going to be snowed it, why not sew? And, oh, yes, frame that paper!

Karin Bartimole said...

love your choices Kim and adore your scrumptious sewn pages. I got a new sewing machine for Christmas and have yet put it fully to the test! You've inspired me :)
xox K

Anonymous said...

Love the wonky sewing Kim (have to try that instead of just boring old straight stitching)!! I'm choosing joy today (and tomorrow) too!! Thanks for the mention and your constant inspiration!!


patti said...

What a great idea Kim! Delicious paper that will look great in a frame!

Unknown said...

Thank you for that wonderful inspiration, you just set the tone of my day! And your sewn papers are beyond words....just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Creation is so beautiful, surprising, pleasing, fun, essential and extra-ordinary!
Even though it's Friday:) I am so thankful for you Kimmy.
I love you,

A Miraculous Meliss said...

Kim, you aren't exactly a queen ;), you're more like King Midas cause every thing you touch turns to GOLD! These pieces are so fabulous I can't even tell ya! Love em babe! I gotta try this.

Thank you, as always, for the inspiration!


Debbie said...

Those papers are incredible. That first one is my favorite.
And I try to choose joy every day too:)

Sherry said...

Choice is always something to be most definitely grateful for!!

And you as always rock my world with your incredible art and your willingness to stretch outside the "known". Love the papers!!!

Kelly Warren said...

oh my goodness! those sewn papers are fabulous! such an inspiration! thanks for stopping by my blog so now I can enjoy yours! :-) love those rocks too...

breathe as me said...

if i could just find room for my sewing room on my desk of insanity i would be trying this right now... love love love how this looks, Kim...

choices... you used the perfect word bittersweet for me today... choices are too in many ways... though we are so blessed to have them... it can be so difficult to make them... (and i'm not even a libra!)...

but thankfully no choice in this moment is ever pre-determined by mistakes made in previous ones... isn't it wonderful to know that every moment is a new opportunity for a new choice!!!...

thank you so much for your visit today and for your perfect words... it felt like a gentle hug that was really needed...


L'Adelaide said...

this is gorgeous what you have managed to do ! you actually make me wish i still had a sewing machine, and that's saying something ;)

lovely lovely and it's nice to meet you!

SE'LAH... said...

i am so in love with the stones you feature. and the cards are glorious too.

hope you are well, my friend.

happy sunday.

alovelymadness said...

I am married to a Libra.
We spend a LOT of time in parking lots. Driving around.
And around.

But I LURV him bunches.

He gets no choices for dinner. It would take him all night. He knows to leave stuff up to me that affects us both.
And I know not to get into his balancing act.

Teresa aka Tess said...


Bea said...

These papers are so bright and cheerful. And, what a cool green hand. I recently made some fabric paper and I've been meaning to doodle with my sewing machine on them. You have inspired me. :)Bea

dorit said...

How inspiring! I want to rush to my studio and make some of these!
Thank you!

*jean* said...

o kim, these are fabulous!!!

Cheri said...

Love the choice essay - great repost!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

This post reminds me of my last years Buried Treasure post which was a repost (of course) about the days when making art was not considered to be for 'respectable woman.' I am so glad it is a choice I can make. I am also glad I chose to come here to day and that you chose to come and see me!

Your papers are do I join this postcard swap? I'd love to play:)

Marit said...

Hi there fellow libra! How gret that I discovered this blog.. a real "buried treasure" for me... your sewed pages are marvelous!!! Gorgeous!!! Thanks for all the eyecandy and inspiration!

ArtPropelled said...

Love your stitched pages!
What am I going to choose ? ..... looking at your side bar I would probably choose the "Don't waste it" pebble and get up an hour earlier (even though it's still pitch dark) and start work on my latest carving. An extra hour a day can make a huge difference!

arlene said...

These papers are so BEEEEAUUUTIFUL Kim! LOVE them!
Your quick comment on my sad little blog made me laugh! It's so neglected, so thank you for stopping by. Your post here is so uplifting...that's what you are...a lifter-upper. Always spreading joy. What a great life you lead...I pray it all rebounds right back at you.

Svetlana said...

Your stiched pages are beautiful.

Gilding Lilies said...

I love Buried Treasure! I'm so glad to have discovered your work, it's just so beautiful.

jill Zaheer said...

Just love your selection of Choice. Just superb. Some times- weird things in life present that dont always present with what seems like a choice, but dig down just a little deeper and we have a choice. Not necesarily on what happened, but how we choose to deal with it, interpret it and move forward.

My birthday is October 15- and I too am one mega libra which I wouldn't change for the world. Thanks so much for this wonderful post and I just love your new pages you created!!!!!! Gorgeous.

Evangeline said...

I am a little slow on the uptake for this year's buried treasure posts (summer will do that to you!), but I love this post! Hooray for choice! And your sewn papers are beautiful!

Jill Zaheer said...

Though I see I commented a year ago- it's still a wonderful post and it's as if I'm seeing it for the first time. Thanks for selecting this one for Seth's Buried Treasure collab. Remembering that we have choices can never be said enough! Many thanks again!