Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At Some Point…

P7200001 Art Journal Page – July, 2010 – “At Some Point.”

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I have been working with a life lesson this past little while.

It comes from when you draw a line in the sand and judge someone else’s behavior as “wrong”.

IMG_0002I have learned that when you do this,

you make the world harder not just for that person, but for yourself.


I learned that it just feel wrong in me to judge others.

I am not saying that I have perfected this lesson at all yet. ;)


I also learned  that when you apply LOVE in the place of judgment,

you sure can live with yourself a whole lot better.


I hope I develop that muscle in my Heart over time,

so that one day, when someone does something that feels “wrong” to me,

I will prevent myself from shooting flames of anger, judgment, punishment in their direction.

And instead,

realize right away that what they need

is an extra big dose




I had an extra sweet visit from my friend Kim, The Bodhi Chicket. It was so nice to have her here in my home and let her see how and where I hang out.

Today is about getting some art time in, a quiet Tuesday with nothing on the agenda but time in the studio and a good walk with the Pooch.

Then tomorrow, I will begin the prep. for my wonderful guests arriving on Friday !!!!

  Oooh, I can’t wait to have this Baby Girl boogying at my house !


Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Ones !

And when in doubt, remember that LOVE is the answer to any question !


Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Does that alligator have blue hair? Now that is art. LOL! Love it!! ♥tlb

Teresa aka Tess said...

beautiful. And I see that alligator as a dragon befitting the subject matter. Love your pages and it was an awaken for me on a personal subject. Thank You...
That little gal is such a cutie pie. That curly hair seminds me of my youngest niece, age 3 and full of spunk.

Cheri said...

Your art journaling is SO FREAKIN' COOL! It is a great life lesson and well illustrated. Thanks for sharing.

Kim Mailhot said...

That Croc iS a Dragon !!! Art journaling is my thing - not drawing ! ;) Hee hee !

Kelly Warren said...

these are beautiful pages. i love the fluidity to them. and i love what you've said here...sort of like not letting other people's baggage weigh you down...

LuLu Kellogg said...

I love that dragon Kim!

Have a beautiful day,

Kate Robertson said...

This page is full of so much goodness... Love it, its one where you could spend a lot of time looking at all the different sweet spots.

Corinne Cunningham said...

It's incredible to see growth in such a beautiful, positive light :)
Every single time I come here I'm blown away by the colors. Seriously, I want to say something about them in every comment, but I try to hold myself back! Just gorgeous, and so beautiful.
And yes... most of the time everyone needs a little more love instead of harsh judgement :)

Snap said...

One of my Buddhist lessons for the year was in January ... essentially ... don't be critical. Boy, oh, boy ... what a hard one that is. But I have to say, that it does make life so much easier...less bumps in the road. That's what I thought of when I read your post. Love the pages ... well done, my dear.

beth said...

funny how i often feel that judging takes no time at all while loving can take days or even years....

why are we like that ?

i feel like i do well with not judging, but just as soon as i think that, somebody does or says something where i'm totally judging....not openly, of course, but just in my thoughts....

thanks for such a beautiful message...

OHHH....I KNOW... I KNOW....lots of little rocks spread all over with "don't judge" on them are totally needed !

oh, that's good....i like that !

Anonymous said...

Ahimsa, non harming, that's what I learned in my yoga to life class, it is so hard to do, but you are right about the loving others is loving yourself when you do it!
xox Corrine

A Miraculous Meliss said...

Oooooo, Kim, this page is one of my all time favs!! It's so delightful and detailed. I think you draw great. I also adore all the spirals in that beautiful woman.


Olivia said...

Such an important life lesson, and what a beautiful reminder, My Queen. Wishing you Big Love today and the rest of the week as you prepare for your company...then Really Big Love during their visit :)


Shelby and Bev said...

beautiful journaling, and very, very wise words...

Tammy Lee Bradley said...


Check this out. I thought of you! You need to be featured here next!! Love your work.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

It takes an open heart to bypass the judgment and find the love to send. I had a great time with you too, Dave is a kind and generous man to agree to have me back! Enjoy your time with Kate & Company. Breathe in the ocean air, wiggle your toes in the sand!

Sueann said...

Love, compromise and acceptance...should color our world. I too need to strengthen these muscles.

rachel awes said...

even your monsters are charming/beautiful/loveable!
love IS always the answer,
..i am w/you! xoxox

eva diva said...

I stumbled upon your blog and haven't look back since (pardon the corny-ness), I really find it healing to read your words, about letting go of the need to judge. It is a personal message to me due to sthg that happened back home. And I'm learning to fill my heart with love and see the virtue in the challenge!

I paint as well, hope you have time to drop by my blog!

It's http://sacredheartist.blogspot.com

Elizabeth Halt said...

I am learning this lesson too. It's hard but valuable. (And I do see the inherent irony in me judging others for judging, which is when I notice it the most.)

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Kim! Such a beautiful page and such a heartfelt message. Sometimes it is very hard not to judge and just to stay open to what is. But when we do, we get so many rewards. Get to see so many points of view and so much beauty. Thanks for the reminder.