Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Visitors from a strange land…


Did a few art journal pages in the last 24 hours that seem to have visitors from a strange land in them.

This one started with a big green ink blob on the left hand side of the page…

IMG_0001 (2)I saw the “alien” in it right away, with his strange helmet, made to fit over his antennae…

I added the blue background, then took out that great star burst stencil and added the bright yellow and orange burst that looks like it is coming from behind his head.

Off to the computer to google an “alien” quote and what should I find ?  

P7210032  A quote from the Greek playwright, Aeschyus, the father of Greek Tragedy.

I wonder if when he wrote this line was back 500 years before Christ if he had any idea that it would still be used some 2500 years later ?


I am not sure what this visitor is all about, but I sure do like the looks of him.

He is welcome to stay awhile and share his story, even if it is a tragedy…

The next visitor is this Picasso/Matisse/I don’t know-who-else-inspired chick who appeared

right after I had read a Rumi quote left to me in a gift from my pal Kim, The Bodhi Chicklet.

The quote read “We rarely hear the inward music but we are all dancing to it never the less.”


I did the background first – playing with pinks and pastels.

A little unusual for me.

Then I needed a dancer of some kind…

Struggled with that for a long while, shifting through stacks of images and drawing, etc…

I finally drew the body in the same pose as a magazine dancer holding a parasol.


Some painting and pen work later, here was my muscular chick.

I think her name is Francesca.

A name meaning “free-spirit”.


I think Francesca is an unusual character but I do know that she came to remind me

to listen to that inward music a little more.

To turn up the volume if you will.

I am going do that.

You could to.

This song is a fun one to boogie too if you wanna join me…

Mika is a strange creature too, so it kind of all fits !

I hope your Wednesday has you turning up that inner music and feeling like a free-spirit, Beautiful Ones !

Big Love !

(A little reminder that yours truly is featured on Connie’s 30 Journals 30 Day project tomorrow ! Yay !)


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's not a recycled wool hat on your alien? Looks very felty to me. Love it! Can't wait to see
your interview with Connie tomorrow!!! xox Corrine

Lynn Cohen said...

how fun to see the progression of how your art evolves...and i like the idea of looking for quotes to match it AS WELL. BRAVO!!!

beth said...

okay you....
how can your heart be as big as it is and still fit in your body?
you are such an amazing person and for you to once again gift me with something so spectacular....
can you feel me hugging you ?
can you feel the love tonight...sorry, but the lion king theme was running through my veins.... better be watching yourself, or one of these days i'm just going to show up on that front doorstep of yours and start dancing when you come to answer it...

now wouldn't that be fun....because i totally know you'd come out and dance with me :)

okay are the best !! and my new "big" rock is so special....and holds such a special place in my heart !

can i tell you something....i walked through the family room the other night and let out a little toot....oops....and my hubby looked up from his laptop and said "well you just proved you exist" and we both totally cracked up !

love you sweet girl !

WrightStuff said...

Totally lovin that alien - especially the big purple lips! I think Francesca is just right and yes, there is a bit of Matisse in there, but clearly he was just a fore-runner of Kim!

Kate Robertson said...

Oh you just amaze me! I love that Francesca is not anorexic looking. The alien is pretty darn cool if I say so myself. Your pages are just so amazing to me. I think you are such an incredible artist. WOW!!!

SE'LAH... said...

laughing - everyone is quick to blame the alien.

love your work so.

big hugs, beautiful one.

jgr said...

Your 'alien' is very cool, not to mention Francesca and those gorgeous pink/red colors in the background!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Wonderful, of course!! I promise to never ever call your blue-haired dragon an alligator again. {hanging head} Please forgive me. ;) ♥tlb

terryhartley said...

I love these! Francesca's parasol does this delightful trick with my eye that I'm really enjoying.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmy, What your alien brought up in me is that perhpas we have a alienated side of ourselves which needs to be welcomed and loved...I say vive la difference:):) Great post precious one.
Love you,

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Kim! Really spectacular page about the alien! And what a fabulous quotation to find to go with it. :-)

Dawn said...

i love these pages! I just read your interview on Connie's site...AWESOME! I LOVE the pages you showed! And your inspiration list. Julie was one of the very first bloggers who caught my attention too, and turned me to Art Journaling. Very inspiring, thank you.

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Saw your interview on Connie's blog. Love, love, love your pages! Deli paper!!! Never once thought of it but I'm going to have to get some :o) Stop by my blog and say "hi"! xoxo Angelia

rachel awes said...

i adore your pages!
& i am doing a boogie over here,
dancing alongside you,
our musiclands...
symphony, ocean track,
winds & waves & heart beats.