Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Morning Vibes…

  Here’s a few things I have been puttering with this week…P7180008

These sweet flower faces are now adorning P7180009 a $1.00 wooden hook, ready to hang on the back of a door or in the dressing room.

Cute, right ?

I also snuck in some painting time one afternoon during my busy week and created this :


This beauty is a whole bunch of scraps and bits of paper glued down onto a piece of deli paper with gel medium, then painted and stamped and paint brush squiggled and paint pen scribbled over.

I learned this technique from Anne Bagby way back when I went to a 5 day workshop with her and Lynne Perella at Hacienda Mosaico in Mexico, about 4 years ago now…

What I love about it is that the deli paper (I have a box of 200 sheets I found at Sam’s Club about 2 years ago – it is what the deli uses to wrap sandwiches – NO WAX!) is thin but sturdy and the finished painted papers have such flexibility and lightness – they can be added in to any collage and become a part of it, not just sit on top.

Oh, and look at the “sweet spots” (a term I learned from Lynne at the same retreat !) :  P7180015P7180018 P7180017

Loving the possibilities for these !

I had a pretty busy week which was wonderful. A great mix of time with friends enjoying the summer, (though I am missing my pal, Colleen who hasn’t been able to escape work yet !) and some really good indoor cleaning time. You know the kind when you get into the corners and get rid of cobwebs, etc…

You see, I have some important visitors coming through in the next little while.

Beginning today with a quick but oh so sweet visit from my friend Kim, the Bodhi Chicklet, fresh from her three day retreat at Kripalu in the Berkshires in MA. It is Kim’s first visit here to the Yellow House on Orange Street and I am so excited  to share bits of my life with her here on my home turf !

Then at the end of the week, my sister Kristina is coming with her husband John, her fair haired boy Thomas, and my favorite Kate on Earth ! We will be hanging here for the weekend and then heading to Wells, Maine for a few days for a family beach side luxury camping trip (big trailer, no tents !) . ! How lucky are we ????

This morning started off mellow, photographing my little bits of art work above and getting this post done. I am feeling so thankful for all that I have today. I am truly blessed.

I have had my friend Patti Digh in my head a lot. She is sitting vigil at the bedside of a dear friend of hers, Nina, who is slowly leaving her body and moving into spirit. Patti promised her friend she would not be alone at the end of her life on this Earth. What a remarkable and beautiful act of friendship. It brings tears to my eyes and such love into my heart. Send them your prayers too, Beautiful Ones, so they both have strength to travel this part of the journey together.

Big Love…

(dedicated to Patti, Nina and to all the ones I Love…)


indie grrrl said...

Your art..... so vibrant, so lovely!!!

Kari Desi said...

Wow! So much depth in your art. I love all the little surprise peeking out, like the little green and white polka dot paper, so unexpected!

kath said...

Oh my, I wish you could teach me! These have moved me.

Jeannine said...

Oh, I share your love of deli paper and use it often. Your post brought a hit of beautiful and vibrant color to my morning ... thank you for sharing your lovely painted works! :)

jgr said...

I love this ART! Gorgeous and inspiring as always.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

LOVE that hook. Can I send you my address? :) Wonderful

Olivia said...

I do too, My Queen, and I'm surprised that you do your art so many different ways. I echo kath in that I would love to take a class from you. Peace and blessing on this Sacred Life Sunday, O

Anonymous said...

I guess we were on the same circles and cubes theme eh? Fun play with deli paper and the coat hook is a winner, for your next craft's show or etsy perhaps? It is great. xox Corrine

beth said...

your artwork just amazes me....
i think YOU could be teaching a class !!

and camping....beach side ?
oh how blessed are you and your loved ones ?

very !

lyle baxter said...

kim, the hook is great and your red collage is fantastic. I sent your blog on to anne as I know she 'd be delighted to read what you said about her and lynne! that was a true learning experience , wasnt it!

Corinne Cunningham said...

Enjoy your visits :)
What gorgeous artwork... really! And the hook! Love it! You should add those to your shop :)

Kate Robertson said...

Kim, That hook looks great. Your art piece is stunning. I have heard of people using deli paper but thought it seemed so thin but your results are awesome. I may have to give this another try.. Thanks for the inspiration.


Dawn said...

wow, what a gorgeous painting!!!! I just want to hold it and look at every nook and cranny. I LOVE it when a painting does that to me.

I'm so sorry about your friend...but a perfect song to fit the feelings I'm sure you are feeling

Julie Prichard said...

Thinking of you thinking of Patti thinking of all around.

arlene said...

Whatever is going on, it's a super great thing Kim! Your painting is just so fabulous...I love how inspired you are, and the colours you are's all wonderful!
Glad your Sunday was so productive.

A Miraculous Meliss said...

Very very cute! and colorful. That deli paper rocks as well. You should be renamed to Color~full Queen Kim!!

Have a blast with your visiting.

I agree - that is a remarkable and beautiful act of friendship. It's very hard and scary to do, so I send my thoughts to them both.


ps: how come I'm not on your blogs I love list? huh huh huh huh?? don't cha love me?

Sueann said...

The sun hook is wonderful! So fresh and colorful!
Your painting is fabulous! I love it! The texture and all the "sweet" spots are amazing.
As for the two brave women on the "journey"...they will definitely have my prayers. It is an amazing vigil that I too have been on. It was a life-changing experience! Though I miss my friend very much...seeing her cross over was a beautiful miracle!

DMG said...

What a rich and gorgeous post today, Kim. Somebody's definitely been feeding the muse or either your heart is just overflowing with joy because everything about your art is rich and powerful and full of love!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Hi Kim. I am so thankful to have broken bread with you and your Man. Thank you for welcoming me into your house, your home. It was very inspiring to see your work table and space, all the loaded brushes and the bits and pieces that scream out - Artiste - and make me want to be back in my own space creating. Thanks for the deli paper and the rocks and the love. Hope to see you soon! xo

Karin Bartimole said...

Absolutely gorgeous painting Kim - so rich with color, texture, and all those "Sweet spots"!! Coming here is visiting a sweet spot itself :)
Enjoy filling your heart and home with friendship and family visits, and I'm sending blessings off to Patti and Nina that the transition time be peaceful and loving for both - as I have no doubt it will be with such tender big hearts involved... and here's to your big beautiful heart dear Kim ❤ thank you for all your supportive and loving messages of hope!!
much love, Karin

michelle ward said...

Oh my...beautiful painting. I could drift around it for hours. How cool to learn you learned with my pals. And like the beautiful work you share, you also reveal your beautiful soul through the stories you shrae.

Like Julie said, thinking of you, thinking of Patti, thinking of Nina. A ripple of hugs and positive energy.

And hoping you have the MOST grand time with the visiting family. xo