Thursday, February 10, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday – Let it be Salmon.


So last night, this gorgeous guy was asked to do one of those annoying errands that wives ask their husbands to do.

You know…

“Could you please go and pick up that one ingredient I forgot to buy, and that will make my meal complete, at the local fruit and veggie store, that may or may not only be open for another 20 minutes, while I am making supper, even though you are already home for the evening and you were about to put your sweats on ?” Blink, blink…

Angel that he is, he actually went without too much complaining and saved his muttering about how “high maintenance” I can sometimes be for the drive to the store I am sure…

Then he came home with a large brown paper bag, carefully rolled down closed.

And inside the bag, on top of the one ingredient I was missing to have a perfect supper was this :


The greenest, brightest, pinkest, happiest Gerbera Daisy that I have seem since summer !!!!

It looked like a bouquet of smiling faces!

He said he felt like it called to him and he thought we could use its happy in the house.

I was thrilled, needless to say !

For the rest of the evening, whenever we walked by the plant, we would say “Hello there, smiley face !”

Both of us.

‘Cause that’s the kind of silly we are.

Cute, eh ?


Then later in bed, just before sleep, when we were doing our nightly ritual of saying what we were grateful for in this day,

I expressed my gratitude that he brought the bouquet of happy into our home.

We both decided the flowers were not pink, but Salmon, otherwise known as Man Pink.


Whatever color you want to call it, I have named the plant, that is hanging with me in the sunny studio today,


Because that is what my husband, partner, best friend, love

brings me everyday.


I love you, David.


For more joy sharing, head over to see the wonderful Meri at Meri’s Musing.

Have a joyous Thursday, Beautiful Ones.


Sherry said...

"man pink"!!! Yes!!!

Smiley faces...they are!! And how thoughtful and so very like D to do that -- to bring those smiley faces into the house for you both to smile back at.

Little joys...fill large hearts! xo

deb did it said...

this is the happiest, JOYfullest, loviest post I have seen is a long time...THANK YOU Kim for spreading your JOY with us here today!and David...~YOU ROCK~...!!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Yay for Salmon Gerbera daisies! A little splash of colour and voila! Happy!

beth said...

"man pink" flowers !
i love it !!!.....and i love how much you two love each's so fabulous !

Mary said...

this feels just so right today!
thanks for the dose of joy!

Anonymous said...

Man pink, I love it. what a handsome shot of David in that first pic.....he looks so YOUNG! Boyish and sweet.
You are one lucky gal. xox Corrine

rebecca said...

you are both
and you jOy is a Joy i am filled with
right now.
in your presence.

swooning over your gerber children!!!!


Kriss said...

Lovely, just lovely.

Carmen said...

bless your hearts!
and all that beautiful light you two share with us

salmon is super di duper cool color
oh yes yes yes!

Meri said...

Man pink --- I love it. And I love this little act of devotion and thoughtfulness. What a good man!

jgr said...

What a great post! Beautiful flowers and a 'top shelf' husband you have!! Thanks for sending your 'joy' to us.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love love!

patti said...

Aww you two! You always bring a smile to my face!

Rita Vindedzis said...

omg this post is just too cute! You certainly have a keeper there Kim!!

scrapwordsmom said...

This is the sweetest post I have read in a long time and that daisy is precious!! My favorite flower for sure:)

Have a wonderful day!


Dianne said...

Gorgeous flowers... lovely post... wonderful love...

Paula said...

God bless this man...could I maybe borrow him for awhile? Mine is currently driving me nuts! I love this flower...and I'm sitting here smiling as well.

E said...

That is so beautiful, and awesome, and dear. I so feel the joy in this post. Thank you foe sharing this bit of spring sun shine with us all. And most of all sharing the love we all so wish for. : )

Sueann said...

Awww! That was so sweet of him!! Perfect!!
Flowers this time of year are such a treasure!!
Enjoy them!

Marit said...

Man pink - salmon - I could use some of that today. Searching for some happiness, I came to visit you. You brought a smile to my face. Thanks. I needed that.

Rosie said...

Dear Kim,
When I grow up and stop worrying over nothings and stuff, I want to be just like you - grateful and joyous! I do love your blog!
Your David reminds me so much of my Nick - wonderful and loving!
Happy Valentine's my blogging pal!

studio pashnada said...

I love this story Kim - you are both truly blessed.