Thursday, February 17, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday–Purr Pals…

january2011 020

Don’t get me wrong.

I absolutely adore this sweet, sweet, white furry beast .

She is my playmate, my dancing partner, my bum-to-bum napping buddy.

She gives sweet stinky-breath kisses and she is the best dog any one could ever want to share their home with.

I love you, Chica-Lulu !

For some reason however, this winter especially,

I am really, really loving my purring pals too.


Perhaps it is because, like me, they can’t think of anything better than hanging out in a sunbeam in the studio for hours on end.


Or maybe it is their mellow, laid-back cat attitude, with just the occasion “run around the house with a stuffed mouse in your mouth” burst of energy.



Or maybe, it is the way they totally melt, curve themselves into your palm, and completely and utterly bliss out when they are touched by a loving hand.

Whatever it is, my Cats have been bringing me such joy this winter.

And I am soaking it in.

So much so that it popped into my art journal pages yesterday…


(quote by Jean Burden)



I hope you find some purrfect joy today too, Beautiful Ones !

Happy Thursday !


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I would like nothing better than to curl up in a sunbeam. And I may get that opportunity this afternoon as the sun is shining! I'm glad you are finding your bliss.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I love any kind of furbabies and I adore the vibrant colors you have used on this beautiful pages!

Happy Thursday my Beautiful Friend!


Unknown said...

I now have a quest! For the rest of the day I will search out a sunbeam to curl up in and share it with a furry little someone.

Dani said...

I have always been a dog person. . .but my best friend has two cats and i was round her house last week, there was a brown paper bag on the floor and the cat climbed right inside stuck its little face out and laid down. . .It was so super cute.

Unknown said...

I *so* love this. I have three cats, and I'm constantly surrounded by their love. It gets me through each and every day. Sometime I am tempted to get a dog simply because I think a big furry ball of enthusiasm might be a wonderful thing, but nothing would ever replace the absolute awe I feel about living with cats.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Oh, those are some fabulously joyful cats in your art journal!
Incandescent Joy

Meri said...

My cats (who usually slumber on the window sill or watch the birds) are overJOYed by your tribute. They're purring, "Well finally. . . someone gets it."

Kate Robertson said...

Your cats are so cute, the real ones and the ones you drew. They are the best cuddler's for sure. Have an awesome day. Its cold here today, winter is back but we do have sunshine, so that is wonderful.

Elena said...

Oh Queen you managed to turn my gray day into a rainbow-warm-the-heart day. I love your Chica-Lulu! I love cats but am allergic. I love their attitude and the way the do everything with pure passion. And those colors in your journal...WOW! It was just what I needed. Jeez how many times did I say LOVE? From someone who reportedly squirms at the word...hee hee. Thank you!

jgr said...

Oh I love this post! Your purring pals are yummy looking and I also like your journal cats. Two paws up!!

Lynn Cohen said...

Love my poem of a cat! An epic poem: Henry V.
Fun drawings too.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Love love love!!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

Love the cat quote and spread.

Sophie said...

What a beautiful ode to your kitties.
My Diesel surprised me this evening by sitting next to me in the armchair instead of on me.

I really love the journal page. The quote is an awesome find (I will definitely be using it) and your drawings + colours are so full of life.