Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Walk Fit for a Queen…

Or how letting go of perfection lead to a perfect walk.

So this morning I knew it was supposed to be nice out. Around 34 degrees, and bright sun, not too much wind.

I though of taking a drive to the beach with Chica.

I thought how good that would be for both of us.

Then I immediately also started the sabotaging self talk, the crazy woman inner dialogue…

“It will be colder at the beach…”

“It is a 30 minute drive and gas prices are so high, especially for my boot-around town Jeep Grand Cherokee…”

“Just get dressed and go”, the voice said.

Started to get dressed…

Feel like a icky frump in puffy layers…

Wondered about what footwear would be best… Maybe I don’t have the right footwear…

Feel the anger that a parka was probably still needed at the beach…and GLOVEs!

“Argh, I just won’t go then !”

“But you really should go…You will feel like crap if you don’t go. I already feel like crap…”

Got dressed in a couple of layers, being followed around by the dog who just knew something was up…

Walked back to the computer instead of to the door…

Dog lies down beside me with a sigh…

Feel guilty about not walking her enough this winter…

“Will surf blogs for awhile then maybe, maybe go…”

Read Cinner’s blog…all about letting go of perfection and how we should stop beating ourselves up about not doing everything “right”, progress instead of perfection

Write a comment to Cinner, letting her know how inspiring she is, and then decide to just go for a walk.

Not at the scenic beach, but right here, around the neighborhood.

Right Now.

Get bundled up, grab point and shoot camera, some rocks and put the excited pooch on her leash.

Head out. Walk in the street because there are no sidewalks because the city doesn’t bother to clean them off,  and there is a lot of ice around.

It was cold.

It was windy.

My legs felt like lead for the first block.

Then, it suddenly got a bit better.

Get to the only park that is cleared for dog walking about three blocks from home.

See a perfectly clear bench waiting for some rocking…

DSC02137DSC02138   DSC02139DSC02140

Chica was so happy, sniffing out the news from gossip left behind by the other neighborhood dogs.


After the park, the wind is to my back. I decide to add in a few more blocks.

As Chica is sniffing, I look up.


I see this roof peak against the extreme blue of the sky.


Gorgeous architectural detail on this white house, including two of these stained glass windows. Imagine what the inside looks like ?


I love the sun beam detail on the very top peak…

Keep walking while Chica kept sniffing…

About one block from home, I heard a new sound on the quiet street.

“Tock, tock, tock, tock…”

I looked around, listening and finally located him in this tree that is looking a little worse for wear…


A wood pecker, having breakie.

I was so thrilled to have heard it, found it and then, even capture it on my camera.

I said thanks, and we walked on home.


As I walked up the steps, I remembered the words I had read on Cinner’s blog.

By thinking that the walk had to be “perfect”, ie: at the beach, out of the ordinary, whatever, I almost gave myself enough excuses to not walk at all !

By letting go of the perfection idea, I ended up having 25 minutes of perfect walking,

seeing beauty all around me, giving my somewhat neglected pooch some exercise and doing something good for myself in the process.

Now, that is progress…

for this day, anyway !

Speaking of progress, here is the page I am working on in my journal..


It is turning out so well, I may just have to do it on a canvas instead.

The heart is cut out of a bristol board blotter that I had on my desk for months.

I used it to protect the desk when painting rocks.

Doodles and stuff got added to it…


This morning, I added some TwinklingH20’s to it and cut out this shape.DSC02150

I like where this is going…

Happy Wednesday, Beautiful Ones !


Susie Riley said...

Your posts always make me want to walk. And paint. And hide rocks with yummy notes on them. And play with my crafts. And whether or not I do any or all of these, your posts always make me smile. Sending you and Chica hugs, sweetie tweetie!

patti said...

A perfect walk! Love that window! Thanks for sharing the beauty out there Kim!

Bex Barrow said...

Firstly, I WANT that house!!!! Secondly, I am sending lots of love and appreciation. Its so hard to pry yourself out of the chair when you are feeling like that, I know. I am suffering from the same perfection bogey man at the moment under grey English skies. Now I am inspired. Big hugs and thanks xxxx

Kate Robertson said...


Thank you for the gift of your walk. It helped you and Chica but it alo helps everyone who reads this. I am almost tempted to walk myself. But not today as my lower back is giving me pains. My gift to myself is to just stay home and be.

Thank you


Lynn Cohen said...

I'm so glad you went for your walk, and that I went for mine!
I did 30 on the treadmill in the morning before work..and at noon I got bundled up and walked outside to the post office from my office about ten minutes but cool and brisk and it felt oh so good to be outdoors breathing fresh air. I'm so glad we all went!!!!!!!!!!!!!
;-)))) I know you are too!

Cindy said...

Oh Kim, I was so surprised to read this. I am thrilled you were able to get out for a walk. I love that you took your camera and got some pretty amazing shots. I want to go visit that house. it is probably something on the inside. glad you set out your rocks for some you have me all wired up to do something myself. I can't take the credit for my post because I read the Progress versus Perfection on Patricks blog this morning and he got me excited about my day. It is amazing what we can do in our circle and I am so glad your in mine., hugs.

jgr said...

Hi Kim,
What a great walk you had! Thanks for sharing it all with us, that house/sky is amazing!

beth said...

the sun and its warmth while walking, cures so many things.....
i'm glad you got out of the turn next !!!
thanks for the inspiration.....

Anonymous said...

Fabulous!!! You lucky, I mean your lucky dog!!!! It is so wonderful to be out in the sun. Vitamin D!!!!!au naturel!
Way to go sweet lady.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Love how you walked your way through being just being...So amazing how we so beat ourselves up. love your page honey, it is so big big heart you. Xox Corrine

Julie Prichard said...

ohhh how I can relate to this post. Usually I can out talk the bad voice that wants me to stay put...but it is really hard. Good for you!

Joanne Huffman said...

It's good to be reminded that walking around the neighborhood can be an adventure (more of an adventure with the current ice, but it will thaw out sometime in the future).

Marit said...

My 'dueña' (I call my inner voice 'dueña' - the name comes from a book by Benoite Groult...)looks like yours! I guess they are sisters...I'm glad you went for a walk and described it so lovely, it was like walking right beside you!

Elena said...

AWESOME!!!! I feel exactly the same way as you began your post. And how exhilirating your walk and its treasures. Oh I can only imagine how the person who finds your rocks will feel. Probably also having fought against their head to take that walk and will receive that reward. Wonderful colors in a cool crisp day. Huge Queeny hugs to you.

Unknown said...

wow did this post ever speak to me right where I am tonight. Thanks you for sharing, not just the lesson learned, but the inner dialogue that you had with yourself. It helps me to know that I am not the only one who argues with myself: maybe it will help you to know that too? Anyway I deeply appreicate your transparency.