Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Out there…




In here…




And a little of this…

Welcome to February at the Queen of Arts Studio!

They (the fear mongers…) are announcing Snowmaggedon for New Hampshire (as in “How much snowmaggedon ?????” - My David came up with this one – have to give him credit !) with a possible 20 inches or so of snow before we are done some time tomorrow.

I have decided this is completely okay with me.

I know I am very lucky because I don’t have to go anywhere. Also because David is working from home and doesn’t have to go anywhere.

But I also choose to be completely okay with it, rather than give into the fear-based hype.

So I will shovel a little here and there to help the hubby out.

I will create bright, colorful painted backgrounds for my art journal pages.

I will visit blogs and blogs and blogs for One World One Heart.

I will spend time dipping a nib into India Ink and filling my pages.

I will listen to music that makes my creative heart sing. (and dance along with Chica where I feel like it !).

I will make my own way through Snowmaggedon.


And I am completely okay with that.

Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Ones !


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Ah yes, our dump is starting tomorrow - mixed opinions on just how much. Good attitude there. There's not a heck of a lot you can do about it until it's over. Good thing David can work from home. Now, aren't you glad you aren't living in Winterpeg, Manisnowba?

deb did it said...

OK...now I am getting off my weather soap box...LOVE your comment about fear based hype....I bought into it until this morning when the walls were shaking and lights are flickering and floors are creaking underneath my feet. I am still wearing a shield of armor for the cold weather....I look like the Elf version of Pillsbury Dough Boy! But warm hearts on the inside filled with big love and sexy glasses of red wine will get me thru this week. love ya!

jgr said...

HI Kim, Love your journal pages and your plan for SnowMaggedon. Nice that D can work from home, too.

Cheri said...

I'm perfectly okay with whatever gets dumped here as well! And I'd be even more okay with it if I were busy painting my own sunshine! Your journal pages are gorgeous.

patti said...

That's a lot of snow! And you're right Kim, I can't imagine it!! Especially since we're having a heat wave here. We stayed in too yesterday with the air con on, blinds drawn and sat like little mushrooms waiting for it to cool pass.

Your pages are stunning!!

Mary said...

all we are getting is cold rain!!
love what you are creating...keep warm!!

Marit said...

I'm not even at a third of the OWOH bloghop... but I won't forget to visit you in between dear! I wish you cozy days - stay warm and colourful and keep on dancing!

beth said...

oh sheesh....it's a blizzard outside my window right now and feel incredibly lucky to be inside warm and safe.....
i'd rather be in florida, but i digress.....

anyhow....have i told you lately i adore you ?
i mean it.

and that adele....she's on my ipod. love her !

off to listen to your other choices....

beth said...

oops....one of those choices i already know....so glad you love it.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Whatever comes your way, you have the choice to be okay with it. Hot mulled cider, anyone? Thank you for the links to the beautiful music, too.

Kate Robertson said...

Looks like you have a great attitude about it. We are in the deep freeze. Its a beautiful day but bitter cold right now. -3wchill temp. Will be thinking of you the next few days. i hope its not too bad digging out.


LuLu Kellogg said...

Your pages are gorgeous!

We haven't seen any snow yet here but I know it's coming!

Stay safe and warm Beautiful!


Paula said...

Oh, my, but that is a lot of white! Lucky here in the DC area, we've dodged the last few bullets. Kinda disappointing since I love those play days. And, how nice to have this time with your love. Enjoy!

Sueann said...

Happy Tuesday to you too!! Stay warm. I know we are! We have been holed up since Monday early!! So cold...have the fire roaring and nice and toasty in here!
Been blogging and watching movies. Fun times
Hugging you

Anonymous said...

Snowmaggedon indeed. I love the frosty white and when I couldn't shovel anymore, I used the leaf blower.
Snow is this part of the world, as long as we are safe and sound, we can, um, make art. Stay safe and cozy with your happy family. xox Corrine

carmen said...

you are going to be okay because we are sending you many many good wishes
big hugs Kim!

lulu moonwood murakami said...

It may sound crazy, but I am totally jealous of all that snow you're getting. I love being snowed in so that I can play in the studio all day! Your colorful art is a delightful smorgasbord that is sure to warm up a winter day.
: ) lulu