Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Preparations…

Before :


After :


David and I opted for a table top tree this year.

A little less maintenance and a lot less cat adventures.


It, of course, had to have our favorite ornaments on it,

like this puppy we got the same year Chica came to live with us.


Or this fat angel cat, black, to remind me of my best cat ever, Georgie.


I love that the tree has my handmade touches too, like these paper love birds.


And that it is topped with something David and I created together; this stained glass star.

Little traditions that make the holiday decorating feel like home.


I was a little awed this morning by the fact that it is only 11 days until Christmas Eve.

I haven’t really done any shopping yet.

But I have made a promise to myself that this year, I will do my very best to take the stress out of the holiday.

My Christmas 2012 mantra is “Do it with Joy, or don’t do it at all !”


It has helped a great deal when I have completely taken the focus off of trying to find the people I love “the best gift ever” which I used to do in the past. Instead, I am thinking of little things that will make them smile, and let them know I love them. This feels so much better !

So I know it will all get done however it gets done, and that will be okay.

The important thing for me this season is to have a chance to put my arms around those I love and squeeze them tight.

And to bask in the joy and gratitude that we have this time together.

Now that sounds like a perfect Christmas to me !


Happy holiday preparations to you, Beautiful Ones !

May you find sweet Joy in all you do.



Anonymous said...

So festive and pretty Kim. Table top for us too with new pup in the house. I love the red and white bigness of it, well, what would I expect from a Big Heart Walking gal like you, nothing less. And Buble to make the mood even more festive, yeah girl! xox Corrine

Janet said...

Your tree looks so pretty with all the red and white accents. I think you have the perfect idea about squeezing the ones you love and giving little gifts that make them smile. It isn't about "the best gift ever" but more about the simple things that make us all happy. Enjoy your time with your loved ones!

Unknown said...

Beautiful, beautiful tree. I haven't put up the one in my office yet. I'm just not *there* yet. Maybe this week. Maybe not... I agree about the holidays. I'm still a lot more stressed than I want to be, but much less stressed than I have been at any other year, so I figure it's a work in progress and I'm slowly improving! <3

rachel awes said...

so pretty!

Elizabeth Halt said...

"little things that will make them smile"

I love that idea. That's sort of what I am doing. It certainly saves in shipping costs!

Your tree makes me happy. I've never gotten a tree, partly because I am happy without one, partly because I think it would have Atlas-nibbling-adventures. He does like to gnaw on tree branches that are attached to trees. I suspect that bodes ill for a Christmas tree. ;)

Sherry said...

What a fresh, loving, thoughtful, generous approach you are taking to Christmas Kim. We stress far too much about "perfection" or getting the gift that will just knock the socks off someone...when in fact, those small, simple pleasures of someone knowing what makes us smile, what makes us happy is EXACTLY the kind of gift that will knock those socks off.

I love your table top tree -- something smaller, something cat proof (esp. with a new member of the household!)...and something in keeping with the little things that mean so much!


beth said...

what ?
only 11 days until christmas eve. holy crap. i haven't really been counting.....i guess i'll start now :)

Marit said...

It looks (and sounds) like a perfect Christmas to me too Kim! I wish that I could come over and squeeze you tight too - maybe one day?

Sueann said...

I love the star you two created! So beautiful!!

Cindy said...

everything looks and sounds lovely. no stress at Christmas, that is what I am hoping for too. hugs to you Kim.

Nadeja said...

You are the best decorator ever!!!
Everything is so perfectly in its place. I love that!! Beauty abounds everywhere you are.
I love you,

deb did it said...

love LOVE these trees! I can feel the love.

Terry Hartley said...

Kim, you are so wise. I really love your idea about small gifts for smiles instead of the big perfect gift. Where did we get that burden anyway? TV commercials, I suspect--telling us that we all want cars, diamonds etc. Ok, Ok, off my soapbox. I'm smiling about your beautiful gifts of wisdom.