Thursday, March 15, 2012

Warning : Some Joy Ahead

From this week’s JOY List :
David and I visited an awesome place called “Old House Parts” in Kennebunk, Maine on last Sunday.
We were looking for a doorknob to fit the 100 year old fixtures we have in our house.
As you can imagine from the name, this place had some amazing things to peek at and photograph !
like this interestingly placed warning sign…
or this Chick with the amazing hat, hanging out way up on top of an old wooden telephone booth.
But the thing that I saw that thrilled me the most was this guy :
This is Napoleon, and he is one of the most magnificent cats I have ever, ever seen.
He is the size of a full grown Jack Russell terrier but probably heavier.
And what cat have you ever seen that has a heart-shaped nose like this :
and the word “JOY” spelled out on his side !
Napoleon was such a treat ! He is featured on the shop’s website and has free reign over the place. I left him purring on an old ratan recliner, curled up on a Winnie the Pooh blanket.
Loved him !
I have also been getting joyfully getting back to creating and painting,
though slowly for some reason.
Here is what has been popping up in my little “Blob” journal.
I prepped a whole bunch of pages with red ink and a eyedropper so they would be ready to go.
This strange bunny with her flower backpack appeared in this blob. She got a random line for poetry from an old book page. I love how the perfect line just appeared on the page I grabbed to cut up !
I used markers and Twinkle H20 watercolors to fill in the drawing.
The blob on the page next to the bizarre rabbit became
these interesting flowers. Some of my new ProMarkers, some Pitt Artist pens and a Liquid Paper pen brought color to this piece I did in front of the tv.
I love that there are more blobs waiting for me to play with too !
Speaking of waiting, this is a 12X12 inch canvas that I started this week as well.
It is waiting to see where it will go next.
Oh and one more thing that brought me joy this week :
the spring weather that has allowed me to take out the new purple glittery Chucks !
They make my feet and eyes happy !
Don’t you just love “little happies !”
I hope your list of joys is long this week, Beautiful Ones !
Big Love !

For more joy, visit Meri's Musings. It will make you smile !


Anonymous said...

You are on a roll with delish blob art - fantasy at it's best and love those sneaks! xox

Kathy said...

You are an amazing artist.
I love the kitty, the word "joy"...what a blessing.
I love the purple shoes, had no idea what "Chucks" were...I a a purple girl...but not sure I could pull them off. I am a no style, no fun, gal. lol.....
Loved your post today, xo

beth said...

i think i would have fallen in love with napoleon too :)
and now i want like 3 with love, one with brave and one with hope on their sides. i wonder where i can order those :)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Purple people eaters! And joyfully labelled Napoleon. I could use that high voltage sign on a lot of doors here (3 bathrooms). Yes to spring, joy and chucks!

Sherry said...

Loving all the joy you found this week...and I love how you create beauty from blobs!! xoxo

Unknown said...

Lots of JOYs this week,
but the cat is the MOST amazing!

Janet said...

Napoleon is gorgeous! What unusual markings he has.

I love your ink blob paintings but that 12X12 canvas is BEAUTIFUL!! The colors are some of my favorites.

lynne h said...

oh! what you did with the blob!! and napolean! jeez, total TOTAL cat love...

i've just started in a bigger journal and i've decided that working with the pages turned like you've done is the way to go. i just decided this last night, and now here i am seeing that you're already on to it. ; )

love you, Big Heart, and thank you for the inspiration...

Olivia said...

I too am amazed at what My Queen can do with blobs. Mind-blowing. And "slowly" getting back to creating and painting?! You are quite prolific from my perspective, Kim! Your work is lovely, xoO

Leovi said...

What fun photos. Excellent paintings. Greetings and happy weekend.

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Love the shoes!!! I'm leaving here with broad smile on my face!!! Thank you!! Cathy

EVA said...

What a great week! Love your pages and the painting is off to a great start! Amazing what a smudge of paint can turn into. Joyful indeed!

And Napoleon is a treasure indeed!

rebecca said...

after a long day i am home and you
are pure joy to return to!
i am all about this CAT and his branding of JOY! thank you for this unexpected delight!

Paula said...

So much joy in this post;I loved reading it all! Gorgeous purple chucks and what an amazing kitty! Thanks for the smiles, friend!

Cottage and Broome said...

Loved the lady with the hat iso fun! Your art work is great, creative idea to work from your ink blobs. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

Susan Bodendo/Super Earthling said...

What a wonderful blog and fabulous artwork! So glad I happened to see your link on another blog. :)

rachel awes said...

i am crazy about what blooms out of your red!!!!!! a big hug to your joyness! (+ for that gorgeous green babe!) :) xox

Sueann said...

Love the journal pages.
And those shoes!!! Smashing!!

Meri said...

Dear Kim:
Napoleon is dynamite! Hearts and joy.
Also, I'd love to republish the section that shows your art journal process at FinallyMe -- the last time we did that, everyone loved it. May I?

Marit said...

Oh wow, WOW... what a joy! Love the heart-shaped-nose cat, so cute! I hope the joy continues in the weekend!

Fallingladies said...

Great cat and great red blob art!!!

Kate Robertson said...

Your inkblot drawing looks so fun. More Joy, that is what we all need.

Elizabeth Halt said...

Oh! That canvas! It makes me think of magic and possibility just as it is.

Napolean looks like such a dear. I love his heart-shaped nose.

artbrat said...

That cat is amazing! How cool to have "joy" displayed in such a way!

You're inkblots are turning into fun journal entries. Love the different directions they let your mind go to.