Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Morning Grace with Purpose




“Purpose” – 6X6” canvas collage




I hope your Sunday has beautiful moments of grace in it.

Big Love, Beautiful Ones.


Sherry said...

Loving this nice to see you working on canvas and not staying in your journal. This is beautiful...loving the colours and the texture. And the wrapped rocks.

Purpose. Now that is a great word Kim. One we don't use often in our every day world...but we need to have purpose, all of us, and seeing this today just sent a zinger to my being. I've been thinking quietly about purpose while having my quiet time. I love when we are on the same wavelength even in our different ways.

Happy Sunday to you sunshine! ♥

Bonita Rose said...

I love your rocks... and the ones with the glass beads look amazing!
So happy I met you and found your rocks through Deb... I really love them!
xo happy sunday to you. hope to meet you in person one day! I love your rocks.. and you. xo

deb did it said...

this is so lovely.
and YES!
Thank you for painting canvases....
I want more !!

Olivia said...

I wish the same for your Sunday, My Queen. I love the new directions your art is taking! xoO

Unknown said...

Looking forward to a lovely Sunday myself...and your grace with purpose is very lovely indeed.

foxysue said...

I feel 'graced' to know you and your purpose for spreading 'love', you painted her well! x

Lynn Cohen said...

your worded rocks
sit on my desktop
reminders of
a most
and well talented
blog land

reminders too
of postive


wishing you
a joyful

lynne h said...

oh, this is so smile making, dear Big Heart...

yes, i'm having a beautiful sunday here, sitting outside painting in my 'daily book'. feeling very grateful...

love to you...

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh, Kimmypoo! A circle of love! Sweet and heartfelt, just like you.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this woman and your stones and your whole shrine. Glorious. xox

Julie Prichard said...

Rock bundles... I really like the looks of these!

Anonymous said...

Your Father would be so proud of you. I know his heart would sing with joy at seeing you and your creations at work!!! It seems to me like you have taken the talents he had and expanded them a million times over and the most important share them with us!!! I love you precious one.

Kate Robertson said...

Lovely post, I too like seeing you work on canvas, such fun.

Amanda St.Clair said...

I love this, Kim! The colors are so rich and the stones organic. Have a beautiful day, lovely Kim.

Hindustanka said...

I found your blog accidentally and glad that I did! Loving your art. Keep it up:)