Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Inspired Flow…

No doubt about it.

I am inspired.

Creative juices are flowing.

I am loving it !


This is just some of the work I have produced in the past week.


The stitching took place at e.b.’s and started me off of a great flow…

And yesterday, I got the paint brush back in my hand and did these two pieces.


“The Edge” – 8X8'” canvas, acrylic paint

(I made use of a great new 6X5 stencil, “river rocks”, that I got from Stencil Girl Products, Mary Beth Shaw’s great company !)



“Their Depths” – 8X8” canvas, acrylic paint


I think it is pretty awesome how all of the pieces work together !


Both “The Edge” and “Their Depths” are now listed in the Etsy Shop, just in case you are as inspired by them as me !

I am hoping to add a few stitched cuffs there by next week as well.

Time to go back to work !

Isn’t awesome when work is play ?

Big love to you, Beautiful Ones !



“Today, I remember to be grateful.” 

- Chopra Center 21 Day Meditation Challenge Centering Thought for the Day – Day 16


Sherry said...

I go away for a little over a week and look what's been happening in the little yellow house!! I am struck by the way you are flowing -- the muse has grabbed you and you are listening...love it all! But why wouldn't I? I love you! :)

Mary said...

Oh yes please, would love to have one of your beautiful cuffs!

DMG said...

I just went to your Etsy to buy The Edge and discovered it had already sold. Boo hoo but good for you)!

nacherluver said...

Wow. Those feel so good!

Meri said...

Can you be juicy and on fire at the same time? You are!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Sweet joy of creating! Oh how wonderful you can produce while the muse is sitting on your shoulder! Yay!

irene said...

Yes! Inspired and creative you are. Now you've inspired me with your colors and your creative energy.

Anonymous said...

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Kelley said...

Gorgeous work Kim!!

Anonymous said...

Flow indeed. I think your colors are inspired by a certain lake in Vermont.....xox

Dana said...

Lovely Work!

Marit said...

I'm in ooh and awe over your new work Kim! Beautiful!

lyle baxter said...

love your new work ! colors are great too! keep on!

beth said...

you my friend are an amazing artist !!!
i love your new canvases SO MUCH !!!