Monday, November 25, 2013

Doing what you can from where you are right now…

Here we are at the last week on November.


These sweet ducks were swimming on the pond when I took a cold walk last week.


Saturday night brought the abrupt change from Fall to Winter weather.


I spent a lot of time thinking about those ducks and the little birds that have been happily eating at my bird feeder on the back deck

when that cold, cold, cold wind was upon us yesterday.

I was thinking about their bravery and strength to face the winters here,

exposed to the elements as they are.

Also made me think about the people who were not as blessed as I am

with a cozy shelter, heat and an abundance of warm clothes to choose from.


My thoughts led me to great gratitude for all that I have and for how really blessed I am.

That carried on into this mornings meditation, where I placed this little green treasure on my simple altar during my quiet Being moments.


My blog friend Kim from “art in red wagons” has created these little sea glass treasures to help raise funds for ShelterBox to help those stricken by the typhoon in the Philippines.

As we celebrate and give thanks for all we have this week,

I hope to spend time remembering those who do not have as many blessings as myself in this moment,

and find little ways to help

and do what I can do to share the love.

Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !

Be extra kind where you can today !


Anonymous said...

This is who you are -- kind, giving, grateful and thinking about others so deeply. Love you. I'm grateful to have you in my life xo

beth said...

my heart goes out to those who are suffering this cold season....without heat or food or clothing....and i pray for them and their circumstances.


Unknown said...

what a lovely person you are Kim .... wishing you much warmth and many cozy feelings - inside and out


Fallingladies said...

we got the same snow here as well, and I had been watching ducks the day before too! creative minds think alike! but your rock beings lately are just so unique and wonderfull! they are all you!