Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sharing the joy–Welcome, Brave Ones !

From this week’s joy list…


1.The green eyes of this Pumpkin cat and her beautiful bitchy kitty face.


2.Chickadees et al. at the brand new bird feeder on the back deck. After three days of empty, they finally showed up !

Those sweet little black headed guys are the bravest!


3.New 3.5X4.75” watercolor book that feels just the right size to play in, no matter what else is going on or has to be done.


4.Bizarre creatures from my imagination that come to life with a bit of time and my hand.


5.Returning to my meditation class after over a year away.

It felt so good to be physically in a group of people who all had the intention of being in the moment and radiating love and gratitude out into the world.

I need more of this.


Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !

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Karen said...

I bet Pumpkin likes to watch the birds too!

Anonymous said...

It all sounds wonderful. Love those green eyes on kitty. xox

Ileana said...

Beautiful green eyes! I love cats . I have had a tomcat but ...he died 2 years ago . I miss him.
Have a happy day!

cjsrq said...

Love that bitchy kitty face! Your journal does look like just the right size! Have a joyful day.

Laura said...

how wonderful to start meditating in a group live… most of my classes are online/over the phone… except when I teach live… which is also good.

Alexa T said...

So let's have a happy thursday and a joyful weekend, also!

nacherluver said...

OMG! I wanna scratch on that big kitty!!!!!
Your art is so great. Makes me smile every time I see it.

Unknown said...

Awesome journal!!! I love your style!!!

Meri said...

I love your presence on the page -- so whimsical, imaginative, colorful. And as for your meow, can you bring him for a play date with Deja Mew and Purrsnickety?

Kate Robertson said...

We have 2 chickadees on our feeder. Dave named the first one Shirley after one of my friends. When we discovered there were 3 we named her after Shirley's daughter Cyndi. Its fun to have birds with names.

Anonymous said...

All the joy there is to suss it out and then graciously share it with us. So blessed! xoxox

Elena said...

You always make my heart happy. Thank you :)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Evil kitty! I am so grateful for the activity at our feeder too. I love the chickadees but also the finches and cardinals bringing such bright splashes of colour in the bleak November.

Jess said...

I love your little creatures in your new watercolour sketchbook. :)
It sounds like a good idea to return to your meditation class because I've started back at my yoga class and it makes such a difference to be in a group sharing the same mindset. I think it's something that artists that work alone can easily miss out on.
Jess x x

simply bev said...

Great journal and wonderful big green-eyed kitty! Sounds like all is well!

somepinkflowers said...

{{ dear kimbo,
was thinking
how your new watercolor journal
~~all stretched out there~~
like a Wonderfully
Children's Book ...

ahem ...

these loveable creatures
NEED a story line
you are All Set, missy }}

just saying ...