Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hearts at Work

IMG_8150 IMG_8151


I had a super sweet Mother’s Day weekend with my Mom.

We did our usual shopping trip for clothes for her. She calls me her personal shopper and we always have good luck with finding fun stuff to add to her wardrobe.

We also made our spring pilgrimage to the ocean.

Hampton Beach, NH was glorious on Mother’s Day Sunday !

And we soaked it all in !

It was likely my Mom’s last visit to the yellow house on Orange Street,

so there were definitely some tears when she left to drive home yesterday.

I love you so much, Mommy.


Letting go,

and letting myself feel the letting go,

continues to be the theme these days.

All part of the loving,

isn’t it ?


I am still holding the space for a dear, dear Heart

that is continuing her Soul’s journey, surrounded by abundant love and light.



A candle lit on my altar and big love pouring from my heart.


Be well as you do your heart’s work, Beautiful Ones.

Big love to you.


Nadeja said...

You are magnificent! I love you!!!
From my heart to yours Love Love Love
It was a sweet, relaxing, weekend and I got to sleep in a soft cozy bed! How does is get any better than that?
Love you and Big thanks to David too. xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

What a perfect weekend for your Mom's visit, you could not have asked for more glorious sunshine. Happy heartful journey beginning....xox

nacherluver said...

~Le sigh~