Sunday, January 11, 2009

Be alert for attitudinal shifts.


Pick up the nearest book.

Right now.*

Go to page 56.*

Find the 5th sentence.*

Write that sentence in your Title.*

Copy these instructions as a comment on your Title.*

Don't get your favourite book or the best one, but the closest to you right now.

Hope you have a happy and playful Sunday !


FAQ said...

YOu are not going to believe the closest book to me is the 1040A Forms and Instructions book that came in the mail yesterday. It starts with "Amount you Owe" heehee

FAQ said...

I love the piece of art at the beginning of this. Ooohhhh more like that girl. It is lovely and inventive~

Genie Sea said...

Oh shizz. Another fun thing to try! Love your... thingy... What is it? It doesn't matter. It's whimsically beautiful. The beading rocks it! :)

Commuter's Journal said...

Mine said: "...invited to give the state-of-the-art lecture in medicine..."


I'd rather play than give the lecture. Maybe it's time to start looking for shapes for Michelle's next Crusade.

Hope you have a warm and sunny Monday!

Susan Tuttle said...

i am not playing by the rules, but i just had to share the sentence i found with you -- as i know it will ring true with you.

"There simply is no greater healing force than love."