Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year ! Time to Release !

So I woke up this morning feeling rather poorly. Not because of the big time partying that David and I did last night (we actually finally went to bed at 11:30 - couldn't make that stroke of 12:00 !). Not because anything is really wrong. Just feeling like everything is just not quite right.

I have been away from Blogland since before Christmas Eve. I checked in a few times but quickly got overwhelmed with how much stuff was out there - a lot of it good, but just too much from my spirit to handle right now. Inspiration Overload !!! But I did miss my friends very much so this morning I spent time reading many of my favorite blogs, trying to absorb all the remembrances of 2008 and all the goals being put forth for 2009.

Again, I was very, very overwhelmed ! I was blown away by the strength, the courage, the determination, the hope, the possibilities that were being embraced all over the place ! Blown away but totally overwhelmed by how little of all of those good things I was feeling in my own spirit.

I am not feeling up to making lists of what I want to work towards in the New Year. I don't even feel like listing what I accomplished in 2008. I know there were many things I am so grateful for but I am just not in that "New Year" place right now. I have hope it will come...but it will come in Kim Time, I guess, and not just because the calendar, and the rest of the world is saying it is here and now !
One thing that did so inspire me in the sea of new year's stuff was the idea of chosing a word for the year. Many of you were doing this rather than making the traditional resolutions, inspired by Christine Kane's blog at the root, I think.

I like this !!! I can handle this !!! Just had to come up with one word.....

oh the pressure....;-0

then I came across the invitation to a Burning Bowl Ceremony at Little Faerie Tales...

I had never heard of this ceremony. I actually just may participate in the ceremony scheduled for Jan. 10th in my own way but it was its description that gave me my word....

The word is....


Ahhhh, just saying it releases so much yuck from inside...release the need to be perfect, release the need to follow the pack, release expectations, release the past, release your breath, release the tension, release....

I think I will get a lot of good work done with this word this year. I am looking forward to creating some art journal pages about it...

all in good time,

in Kim Time... ;-)

Now, just to show you all that it is all really good around here, let me present the following photos taken of the Crazy Canadian (and one half Russian) Chick Bringing In The New Year Siberian Style ! Nasdrovia !

Virgin Snow on Our Back Deck

Crazy Chick Costume - Horizontal Stripes - What was I thinking ?

Yes, that is a cold as it looks on those tootsies !

Okay, let me back in ! Who's idea was this, anyways ?!

Temperature reading on the computer screen - that didn't show the wind chill factor !

F or C - that is COLD !

Happy New Year to everyone out there in Blogland ! May you find your own ways to celebrate the ringing in of 2009 and may they be just the ones that fill your soul and warm your heart !


Karin Bartimole said...

Kim, I had to pretend that white stuff was sand, so my tootsies didn't start to throb in reaction to just seeing you pictured tip toing out into the snow! You've accomplished one thing - you aren't traveling with the pack on that one :)
I am so with you on the not feeling the new year ability to make a list of goals/resolutions/or what evers as I step into the new year - and it was a bit of a stretch for me to say even a few words about closing out 2008. I am very happy to RELEASE it though - thank you for that word! Within it, I have found a way to list...
R-eaching, realizing, revealing the layers within
E-mbracing it all
L-iving fully
E-volving as I learn
A-ccepting myself and all I encounter
S-ilence and stillness, may I find more of each
E-expand - continue to grow and be expansive as I release and make room in my life for more grace...
Thank you for being your inspiring, wonderful self, even when you are feeling somehow not 'quite right'. To me, you are ever perfectly right on!!

Seth said...

Release! Good word Kim. All the best to you in 2009.

Commuter's Journal said...

Oh, Kim, don't you know that as our Queen whatever time you set your subjects will follow? You could even throw in a leap month! Wouldn't that be fun? An entire month to do whatever we like with and no expectations? What would we call it? Hmm!

I wish you warmth and joy and inspiration and warm tootsies in 2009. And of, course, release.

Happy New Year Your Majesty!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I love Kim time...seems that it is familiar to Julie time too....but...honey, I didn't even pick a word. Meh. No words, rules, programs...just one "thought"- do better than last year. Leave it to me to not conform... snicker.

Seriously though...that temperature! I can't believe you were barefoot in the snow!!! And not even with a big coat- you're much more woman than I1

Happy happy new year!

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS PHOTOS!! I LOVE your outfit! Oh yes, we ARE on very similar paths. It really has been very overwhelming trying to keep up with all the good stuff going on in blogland the last few weeks. And I was feeling the same way you described this morning... here it is, a new year, and there's that feeling of pressure to start off on the right foot, to do things differently, to make some sort of change, to hurry up and start being that person I want to be, living that life I want to live. But I didn't feel up to any of it. But as I wrote my morning pages and focused on the words I'd chosen just the night before as my keywords (yes, totally thanks to Christine Kane), I got into a really nice flow. When I was done, I posted it, word for word, and added photos to make it a sort of meditation so I could read it over on a daily basis to remind myself of my intentions. I'm also taking part in The Burning Bowl Ceremony!! (Oh the synchronicities here!) And Joanna is also doing a free Creative Workshop on Winter themed journals, which I've decided would be perfect to journal my "Releases" into. It DOES feel so good saying that word. I know you're supposed to choose only one, but after much thought, it truly felt like the 4 I chose just work together in a real well-rounded way. But "Release" is the focal point and the one from which the other 3 flow.

P.S. I am honored that to be one of the blogs you popped in on today, and to be able to share in our path of Release over the coming year!

michelle ward said...

Goodness me - I'm frozen seeing you barefoot in the snow. Talk about a WAKE-UP!!! Release...Loving that. The first thing that came to mind, following Release was Realize. May Realize many many things as you Release this year.


FAQ said...

Release! That is it! There is so much we need to let go of huh? Love your pics you brave girl! My toes are cold from seeing that! Did you get frost bite?

Anonymous said...

oooohhhh kim!!! you are absolutely fabulous!!! i love love love your crazy chica pics!!! hee hee!!! you GO girl!!! ring in that new year!!! hee hee!!!

i agree, this time of year can be overwhelming and well too much... i've been thinking about 2009 for a bit now, so i had my mind wrapped around my plans... but it's not always like that. i love your word, release, it sound perfect for you. especially since you decided to just BE, instead of forcing some new years resolutions... good for you!!! listen to your heart and you'll never falter on YOUR path!!! beautiful!!!

i wish for you kim all the very best that 2009 will have to offer you, all the lessons and sparkle... all the release... wishing you you heart's desires!!!

peace and love

Anonymous said...

Great to keep up that tradition. In case you are still wondering who started it...ME!!!Sure makes those feet feel good though!
Congratulations! Good job!
A girl after my own heart!
I love you,
You know who

arlene said...

Okay you crazy Canadian/Russian chicky! I want to know how much Vodka it took to get you out there barefoot! I think I need's so cold here it's definitely in the F' in
"F! This is COLD!!"
No resolutions here, just a prayer send up to heaven that I will learn something, and that I will increase my capacity to love. A word? about "Trying"? Can I do more?
I love "Release" too. It makes me think of the way I sometimes hold on to the steering wheel of life with a white-knuckle grip and I should just... a bit, eh?
I hope you wake up in the morning with a real sense of release, and a feeling of abundance and no guilt about blog-land or whatever, and...donuts. Tim Hortons. (That's just the Canadian in me again, eh?)
No Vodka though, you hear me? We don't want you suffering serious frostbite!!

Love ya,

xo arlene

Melissa said...

I agree - it's so totally easy to get overwhelmed on blogland. The pressure - probably mostly in our minds. Isn't it strange how something meant to encourage and inspire and bring joy can be changed around in our minds like that?? We're all nuts! But I do so adore "Kim Time" and I think "Kim Time" is the perfect time!

Fabulous word. RELEASE - I'm releasing a deep breath right now. I think there is a huge amount of work in RELEASE and that is goal enough!! GO FOR IT MY QUEEN!

This is actually the first year in a long time that I have come up with some goals - not specific ones per say (well they are, but not - oh, I'll share that later on my blog). But I do know something specific: Meeting you was part of that shift in me. ;) YAY!

You are so fantastically beautiful in that color-full outfit and in that snow that you de-virginized. haha! LOVE IT! And your toes are adore-able.

I look forward to the 2009 ride with you.

~Kissy Wissy~

Anne said...

Love that you picked the word Release. Good luck! Wishing you and yours a happy, prosperous New Year!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, barefoot in that! You are one brave soul :) You look awesome in your stripes!!! I've been away too...overwhelmed and recovering from making stuff for family. It'll be a good year though. I can't wait to see what comes up in Kim Time!