Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spitting to Ward Off the Evil Eye

So you know in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" when Toula walks down the aisle and all the Greek guests starts spitting on her as she goes by ? Did you know that the reason they spit is to ward off evil ? Three spits calls on the Holy Trinity to keep evil away. (For more, check it out at The Greek Adventure) .

Just imagine what evils a spit like this will help avoid :

This picture just cracks me up !!! Katie Cupcake, the Brave Spitter, Evil Banisher Extraordinaire !!!

So why this picture ?

I saw on Rosie's blog that she had been tagged with the "6th Photo" tag. I wasn't tagged but you know how I like these little games !

- Go to the 6th folder in your Pictures files and choose the 6th photo in that folder and post about it !

Figures that mine would be shot of my favorite subject in the world to photograph !!! On my way to see her next week ! It has been since Christmas (imagine that was only a month ago!!!!) since I saw her and I am having withdrawals big time !!! Apparantly she is a crawling fool now !

Tag, you're it ! (if you feel like playing along !)


Sherry said...

Oh my gosh, what a fabuluous way to start my day by viewing this beautiful photograph!!! How can you not smile when you look at this?!? She's so beautiful Kim -- enjoy every moment of your visit together!! ♥

Genie Sea said...

Cute little spitmeister! :)

carolyn said...

you had a great photo in your 6th folder! enjoy your time with her. they grow so fast and only a month brings many changes!

Pretty Things said...

I love that Sixth Photo/Sixth Folder tag! I just got hit with it a few days ago and found a picture I'd totally forgotten I'd taken. Too cool.

And interesting about the spits!

Anonymous said...

oh, I'd say she is covered for life, now..

Jennifer said...

I love your perspective Kim! You make me smile all the time with your perfect balance of fun and wisom...soul I think it is. I agree that your little cupcakes spit could probably cure evil for good. SHe is so precious!

BTW, that scarf is so perfect on you. What a nice gift! I'm off to check what kind of year I can expect by the Chinese zodiac!

FAQ said...

What a little cutiepetutie

Anonymous said...

I love this picture! What a yummy girl. She reminds me a little bit of you when you were her age!
:):) So gorgeous...then and now.
Love you very much precious one.
You know who.

arlene said...

Why is it that baby spit isn't gross? Katie is adorable!! Have a fun trip!!

xo arlene

DMG said...

You are one wise woman, Kim. Last weekend I had an oddly great time, and I barely left my house. In fact, when I got home from school Friday afternoon, I never stepped outside again until Sunday evening. But you nailed it when you defined "Love Therapy." I ate delicious grilled fish that my husband prepared for me three meals in a row because he knows I'm trying to lose a few pounds. I spent all day Saturday (except for naptime) in my art attic reading blogs and working on said husband's birthday painting, with my sister and my new art friend, Jann. Sunday was lovely repeat of Saturday, except that we met my son and his girlfriend for dinner at a wonderful restaurant and then rushed home to watch old movies. Definitely Love Therapy and definitely needed.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your art, Kindred Spirit.